ADaPT (A Dance and Physical Theater) Festival: 2011-2013

In 2014 ArtBark International pressed the pause button on festival production to make space in the community for NEBULA Dance Labs inaugural festival.
When Devyn Duex approached us about launching her own festival we fully supported her vision. Santa Barbara is a very small community, and we thought it would best serve her vision by NOT producing the ADaPT in that it is our view that the Santa Barbara community is not large enough to sustain two dance festivals per year.  She did an AWESOME job and the timing was perfect in that in 2015 the bulk of our resources are going towards a creative residency in Slovenia with a performance outreach at the prestigious Cankarjev Dom.  ArtBark is focusing presently on growing the professional branch of its programming, breathing breath into sustainable production models such as the HIVE, and giving energy to creating a Santa Barbara Dance Wiki.  

Will there be another ADaPT Festival? 

Probably not, but we'll never say never. 

We are on to new production models.

ADaPT Fest 2013 was a HUGE success!

A project of the Future Traditions Foundation

Festival Sponsors
Kelly Family Foundation, Rudi Schulte Family Foundation

 Download Schedule HERE 2013 ADaPT Fest Schedule

PARTICIPATING ARTISTS 40 + companies/independent artists from  23 different cities

DANCE AND PHYSICAL THEATER 4 different shows of dance and physical theater in 3 different cities

Thurs May 30: PROGRAM ORSON @ the Center for Performance Research BROOKLYN – 7:30 pm

Fri July 26: PROGRAM JULES @ Center Stage Theater SANTA BARBARA -7:30 pm

Sat July 27: PROGRAM ARTHUR @ Center Stage Theater SANTA BARBARA -7:30 pm

Sun July 28: PROGRAM RAY @ ARC Pasadena PASADENA – 4:30 pm

EXPERIMENTAL Performance Installation 

Fri/Sat August 2 and 3: CUT THE EDGE @ the Pescadrome – 7:20 pm 

SITE SPECIFIC in the Paseo Nuevo Mall
Sat July 27: PROGRAM RUMI - Ethnic Outdoor Performances in the Pase Nuevo Mall in the Amphitheater downstairs from Center Stage Theater – 5:00 pm 

EDUCATIONAL OUTREACH 3 incredible opportunities! 

Wed July 24: New York artist Barbara Mahler Master Class in “Klein Technique™” 
Sat July 27: New York artists The Raving James Master Class “Listening in Improvisation” 
Sunday August 4th: Los Angeles based artist Rainbow Underhill - Vocal Improvisation classed for the Ensemble
ARTIST GATHERINGS – Play Dates and Food! 
Thurs May 30: PLAY DATE #1 Post Show Gathering in Brooklyn, NY 
at ArtBark’s NY office & home of Trina Mannino 

Thursday July 25: PLAY DATE #2 Out into nature with visiting artists

Sat Jul 27: Artist Brunch at Center Stage Theater – 11:00 am

(1st, 2nd, 4th photos by Robert Salas, 3rd photo by Kathee Miller)
Affiliated with the ADaPT Festival is the  AFFINITY Project
which gives artists who engaged 
at ADaPT Festivals the chance to deepen the artistic relationship. 
Info about this project can be found at

The Festival is a collaboration between the artists and the host organization.  While the host is responsible for producing a well publicized event and covering all festival production and promotion costs, the artists take full responsibility for funding their journey to the festival, their creative costs, and cost of accomodations.  Artists, at this phase in our development are not remunerated for their creative contributions.   We do offer free consultation and support for artists undertaking efforts to fund their adventures to the Festival and have helped artists successfully procure funding for their efforts (international artists have received funding from Turkish, Austrian, and Israeli Govt. agencies).
Each Festival has a personality and life energy unique to the year in that we remain open and sensitive to opportunities that arise and try to tailor the festivals to meet artists needs. 
In 2013 the Festival returns from Vienna, AUSTRIA with Festival components planned for both the West Coast and the East Coast of the USA and is being hosted by ArtBark International (formerly SonneBlauma Danscz Theatre).   This season the Festival is in part invitational with select groups ArtBark connected with in Vienna invited to attend along with artists that participated in the ADaPT Festival in 2011 and\or the Afffinity Projects.
We have put the call for submissions out and the deadline for 2013 consideration is February 1st, 2013.  In that we only have a few slots open, applications we aren't able to accommodate at this time we'll give top priority for 2014 activities.

VIDEO:  SB-ADaPT Fest receives an indy AWARD for its inaugural Festival efforts!

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