Dance Tribe Intentional

June 12th, 11:00 am
Towbes Dance Center
Dance Tribe SB-ADaPT Festival
Cost $10

 Santa Barbara Dance Tribe is a significant part of the dance community of Santa Barbara.  It's a free form dance event that is much like many of the "dance jams" across the country that are a part of this growing "ecstatic dance movement". It's not a dance troupe or a dance company that is presenting a piece in the festival.   It's not a group of dedicated artists whom have worked hard to create top notch performance art for us to view.   Dance Tribe honors the bigger context that dance signifies in our world. Dance serves an important purpose in our world as a ritual, a celebration, a way to come together as community, an enjoyable physical activity, and as a form of creative expression. On Sunday June 12th, Dance Tribe's weekly 11:00 am event will be dedicated to energetically opening the Santa Barbara performance space declaring all spaces where the Festival occurs as sacred ground.  They will bring clear intention and ritual to activate, celebrate, honor, and fuel the flames of inspiration, catharsis, and change being brought about by the Festival.  

This will be an opportunity to dance together........... a place where the various artists that are a part of this festival can let it loose and shake their booties together, along side the SB locals and Fest visitors.