Dance in Open Spaces

SATURDAY JUNE 18th:  4:30-5:30
Paseo Nuevo Mall - Amphitheater

Seeking interested merry-makers for a mobile, guerilla-style beach dance. We will collaboratively build a simple dance phrase. Dancers will disperse along the shoreline from East Beach to the Wharf. One dancer begins to dance as s/he heads towards the Wharf. A hundred yards later, another dancer wordlessly joins in. Then another and another and eventually a dancing mob accumulates until we reach the Wharf.


When: Sunday, June 19th at 8:45am
Where: East Beach to the Wharf
We will meet at the East Beach Volleyball courts. There is a picture of the beach on this link.

There is also some free parking on the street.

Please contact Christine Suarez for more information:
I am a Santa Monica-based choreographer, educator and instigator. I organized this kind of beach dance for the first time on Memorial Day 2009 on the Santa Monica Beach. Here is a video

It was such an amazing experience. I hope you chose to come and be a part of the surprise and spread the joy of movement!