Program Alpha @ Center Stage Theater

PROGRAM Alpha performances are Saturday @ 2:00 pm ($15) and Sunday @ 7:00 pm ($19) @ Center Stage Theater.

Casey Caldwell: Ratatat Theater – Santa Barbara, CA U.S.A.
Ratatat Theater Group presents Turning, a physical theater piece exploring the passage of an ordinary day, fragmented across the parts of the body. See the routines and rituals of the everyday, shattered

Misa Kelly: SonneBlauma Danscz Theatre - Santa Barbara, CA U.S.A.
Misa is setting a new work for Program Omega & is presenting an excerpt from Under No Certain Circumstances. It is a short abstract work that draws from her guerrilla style movement art explorations in unconventional places project - explorations within an Edward Weston photographic exhibit, tango, fencing & the 3 Stooges.

Danah Bella: d a n a h b e l l a DanceWorks - Pulaski, VA  U.S.A.
Danah Bella will be performing her solo “de-mentia’”. Based on her witnessing of the onset of dementia, this work explores the loneliness and disappointment caused by the process of losing a memory, regaining a memory, and forgetting it once again.

Kate Corby: Kate Corby & Dancers – Madison, WI  U.S.A.
The work Kate Corby is bringing to Center Stage investigates the idea of ‘the survivor,’ particularly in the context of gender. Vacillating between grotesque and beautiful, the work is supported by an original score by Tim Russell. Corby's work has been called 'ingenious' by the Chicago Reader and 'haunting' by the San Francisco Bay Guardian & was recently named by dance magazine as one of 6 choreographers to watch!

Matt Nelson: Bodysensate – Salem, OR U.S.
Matt will be presenting a contemporary dance set on three dancers called “Thripple.” The work is based on investigations of S shaped curvatures in the spine and the resultant waveforms that form through the dancers’ kinespheres.

Laurie Sefton: Clairobscur Dance Company - Los Angeles, CA U.S.A.
Laurie  will be premiering a new work set of 5 dancers called "Obviam Somes" that "examines privacy and security in reference to the human body, in and of itself. We perform procedures on it; take things out of it and we feel a loss when something is physically removed from our bodies. How do feelings of modesty and instinctual protectiveness manifest themselves in our actions and gestures?"

Amanda Hart: Hart Pulse Dance Company – Los Angeles, CA  U.S.A.  (for Sunday evening performance)
Amanda will be presenting a duet that Festival Director Misa Kelly came across in 2010 at the MixMatch Festival.  The partnering was so innovative and lovely and the performances so powerful that Kelly reached out to Amanda and invited her to bring the work to the Festival. 

Michael Nickerson-Rossi: Nickerson-Rossi Dance – Long Beach, CA  U.S.A.
Nickerson-Rossi Dance is creating a new work to be premiered at the Festival.  Of the work he writes "Remembering the Unremembered" was conceived from an intimate conversation with a dear friend who has brought deep integrity to this new work.  Inspired by and created solely from an experience that will forever haunt the heart and mind of a loving mother.  When one endures a challenge that can not seek the public for answers, it haunts. Does this haunt lend itself comfort with a loved one? Here lies a sacrificial lifestyle only for the one to discover and uncover...  When exactly do we humans feel true comfort? 

Noelle Andressen-Kale: Rubans Rouge Dance Company – Valley Glen, CA  U.S.A.(for Saturday Matinee)
Up and coming Valley Glen choreographer Noelle Andressen-Kale (Rubans Rouge Dance Company) will be bring her 8 dancers up to perform "Communion."  A work that conveys the "love of the community working together no matter: race, sex, religion, sexual preferences, etc. To show that true love transcends all of human’s hang ups." 

Christine Suarez: Santa Monica, CA  U.S.A.Christine Suarez's work "Wet Spots" is a hysterical work that has been extremely well received in the Los Angeles area.  Of the work she says "the intention is to create an intimate and shared space with the audience allowing all of us the opportunity to talk about a subject that is often unspoken (orgasms.)"   In that it is adult language & adult theme, the work will be placed after intermission.  Parent/kids that choose to will be able to take an extra 6 minutes at intermission and can re-enter after this work.

FREE-  POST SHOW CONFERENCE EVENT - Presentation and Celebration of International Guests
Simya Sanat - Istanbul, Turkey
Simya Sanat will be presenting "Beyond Borders."  A work which is conceptually based on thinking beyond borders of the body, borders of the time (life and death) and borders between countries.  We can be more than ever people, if we can use all the information we collect and if we can find a balance through communication. Things that divide us are less than things that unite us, so borders do not separate but combine us.

Maya & Tomer - Tel Aviv, Israel
Maya & Tomer will be presenting their award winning work "Dinner"

In this duo dance Maya and Tomer create quite an hermetic structure of a couple that goes to feed love, to look for tenderness, affinity and unity, but find themselves as predators and preys, as if they drown in a stormy sea or cling to a rescue board.

"Dinner" won the first prize in the "No Ballet" competition in Ludwigzafen Germany (2008).