Program Omega @ Center Stage Theater

Saturday, June 18, at 8:00 P.M.; Sunday, June 19, at 2:00 P.M.
PROGRAM OMEGA is equally compelling as PROGRAM ALPHA & we highly recommend seeing both which you can do for as low as $24.  Words that come to mind when thinking of the collection of work that will be presented include: innovative, edgy, magical, hysterical, riveting, shocking, subtle, thought provoking, touching, innovative, poetic, dynamic, intensely physical & emotional.

Ashley Kohler: Fusion Dance Company - Santa Barbara, CA U.S.A.
Ashley will be presenting "All That's Left" at Center Stage Theater on Program Omega.
“All That’s Left” is a piece about the people and institutions in life that will take from you until you have nothing left to give. The movement and costumes are representative of the different groups that are hungry for your time, money, creativity and energy.  During the dance, fabric is shed to symbolize the struggle in our daily lives where we must give all we have to these groups. In the end of the piece, the dancers are left with nothing but their true selves, which no one will ever be able to take. That is all that’s left.

E. Bonnie Lewis: Drama Dogs - a Theater Company - Santa Barbara, CA U.S.A.
Bonnie will be performing a solo physical theater work “Freda” which is a loving tribute to not only her grandmother, but to all our grandmothers who nurture us, celebrate us, love us. It is a powerful piece of theater crafted by one of Santa Barbara’s treasured theater companies.

Misa Kelly: SonneBlauma Danscz Theatre - Santa Barbara, CA U.S.A.
Misa will be premiering Wallflower.  She is on a mission to strut the stuff of a group of local geniuses that traipse around disguised in vocations other than that of a professional theater artist, ballerina, or contemporary dancer.  The diversity of the cast ranges in age from 8 to 62 and the vocations of the lot include that of a grade school teacher, a recovering hair stylist, a house painter, a Jenny Craig Consultant, a massage therapist, a Hokomi therapist, a receptionist and student.   The requisites for being in the work were to BYOC (bring your own chair) and MYOC (make, borrow or beg for your own costume) and to be able to sit in the chair, lift it, shove it and pass it.  The work has been five years in the making and Misa indicates she is very grateful to be getting chairs out of her system - knowing that anything but this will happen because what you can do in and with a chair is endless.  Integrated into the work upon their arrival for a residency at Fishbon are Lerna Babikyan and Regina Picker of Honey and Mood Productions from Istanbul and Vienna. 

Stephen Kelly: SonneBlauma Danscz Theatre - Santa Barbara, CA U.S.A.
Atesh, Bayan.  Ghuzal Adam:   Fire, Woman.  Noble Man:  When dancers play, a choreographer may catch moments of joy, tenderness, and pain.  Working together, these candid moments meld into a myth of hearts meeting: a welding of pain into laughter, tension into release, and exertion into freedom.

Marcos Duran - Brooklyn, NY U.S.A.
Marcos will be performing his latest solo "Exit."
In this new solo he seeks to take himself on a journey through emotional extremes. The human will be showcased through feats of physicality underlying dramatic character interpretation.

Rain Ross: Rain Ross Dance Company – Philadephia, PA  U.S.A.
Rain Ross will be sharing Requiem - a contemporary pointe solo based on one woman’s experience of loss and realization of relief, rather than grief.

Jenny Showalter: Treeline Dance Works – Muncie, IN  U.S.A.
Treeline Dance Works will be bringing Dayenu. A contemporary dance that engulfs two dancers in a relational world, one seeking to represent the utterances of the heart and the other the mind.

Kim T. Davis: KTDavis Dance – Riverbank, CA  U.S.A.
Kim will be presenting a contemporary work for five dancers titled "Hereafter."  It is created in her signature style, big, bold, breathtaking & physically challenging for the performers. Her abstract work is multi-faceted and richly layered emotionally and soulfully. "Hereafter" is a journey that struggles with the unknown of what is to come next in life from this moment on. The fear that captivates each move and transforms us as we each attempt to move forward .

Dudley Brooks: Run for Your Life, it’s a Dance Company! - San Francisco, CA  U.S.A. 
Dudley’s “Short Solo” depicts a “humanette” ballerina (two people creating a three-foot-tall puppet character) which combines impeccable ballet technique with slapstick humor, to a selection from Les Sylphides. It’s a hysterical piece. Dudley will also be presenting a master class “Clowning for Movement Artists & Dancers” on Sunday morning at Center Stage Theater, 9:15 am sign in.

Regina Klenjoski: Regina Klenjoski Dance Company - Long Beach, CA U.S.A.
Regina will be bringing a contemporary dance set on 6 dancers. The piece will feature new music by a Los Angeles composer. The dance is about technology, how it infiltrates our lives and how it is redefining our social landscape. Another theme I am exploring is a question in reference to the unlimited and immediate access to media of all sorts: Among all of the messages that are hurled toward us, how do we compete and how do we discern what is important? And…how do we curb our addiction to technology?

Igor Jelen: IGEN: Celje, Slovenia
Program Omega’s international presence will be Igor (Iggy) Jelen’s dance company IGEN from Celje, Slovenia. IGEN will be presenting Lady of the Camellia’s. A stunning duet that has toured globally with its United States debut occurring here in Santa Barbara! This work is a short choreographic composition based on a reinterpretation of literary work Lady of the Camellias of Alexandre Dumas the junior. Young and beautiful courtesans is facing with her identity, the prejudices that come from the environment, with memories, body, disease and soul, which lead to its end – a tragic death.