Studio Showing @ Electric Lodge

Date: Saturday June 25th
Time: 7:00 pm
Place:  The Electric Lodge
Cost: $10 suggested donation

DIRECTIONS to the Electric Lodge

A few artists asked, that since they were flying 1/2 way around the world to CA, if it would be possible to arrange something for them in L.A.

So here it is!

The following Festival Artists will be sharing work in an intimate studio showing south of Santa Barbara!

IGEN (Slovenia)
Simya SANAT (Istanbul)
SonneBlauma Danscz Theatre (Santa Barbara)
Rubans Rouge Dance (Los Angeles)
Melanie A. King (Los Angeles)
Natalie Metzger (Los Angeles)
Astra Dance Company (Los Angeles)

Description of the works to be presented
IGEN: an Award Winning Slovenian Contemporary Dance Company will be performing Lady of the Camellias. A stunning duet based on a reinterpretation of the literary work by Alexandre Dumas. A young beautiful courtesan must face her identity, the prejudices that come from the environment, and the memories, body, disease and soul which lead to its end: a tragic death.

Simya SANAT: Simya SANAT is a performing company from Istanbul that will share a solo called Beyond Borders that invites the viewer to thinking beyond borders of the body, borders of the time, life and death, and borders between countries. The work seeks to remind us that things that divide us are less than things that unite us, so borders do not separate but combine us.

Melanie A. King: Melanie will be presenting a ten minute duet called “femina libretto.” Joining her in performance will be Lavinia Findikoglu. The work is based on “eggs”…their simplicity, beauty, form and more deeply, their metaphorical meaning to the female gender.

Natalie Metzger: Choreographer Natalie Metzer will present Tryst. Tryst is a work for six performers that examines the impermanence of touch. Natalie Metzger's choreography was initially inspired by a poem "Tryst" by Lan Pham. The music in the work "And The Night Illuminated The Night" is a string quartet composed by Metzger's partner Robert Allaire and performed by the Formalist Quartet (Mark Menzies, Andrew Tholl, Andrew McIntosh, and Ashley Walters). The dance is performed by Marcus Braggs, Carina Couture, Jay Jackson, Princess Romero, Kerrie Schroeder, and Princess Grace recipient, Andrew Wojtal. The costumes are a creation of Katie DeHombre.

Astra Dance Company: Choreographer Autumn Fawn will present "Eleonora"
a poem by Edgar Allan Poe, a favorite author for the Astra Dance Company. It is narrated by UCLA Professor and ADC Artistic Director David Wilkinson. “Eleonora” is a Poe rarity—for although it contains the elements of love, death, betrayal and return, it ends in happiness and reconciliation. This tale of treachery and forgiveness lends itself to intimate theatrical and choreographic illustrations. This 8-9 minute version of the full 45 minute piece is a synopsis of the innocence, imagination and passion of these two lovers lost in the world of Poetry.

Rubans Rouge Dance Company: Eight dancers perform what Choreographer Noelle Andressen Kale describes as "an expression that the love of the community working together no matter: race, sex, religion, sexual preferences, etc. To show that true love transcends all of human's hang ups".

SonneBlauma Danscz Theater: This Santa Barbara based company will present a solo work performed and choreographed by Misa Kelly called Whisk. Whisk draws from the choreographic material Kelly has set on other dancers over the years that she always wanted to dance herself.