Cybil Gilbertson

Cybil Gilbertson
photo by Kathee Miller
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Company Bio
"NECTAR highlights relevant social theme through the arts and education". 

NECTAR was born in 2007. Founded by Cybil Gilbertson as a response to her Aunt Barbara's suicide, NECTAR was intended as a safe place to explore, investigate and create art around challenging themes. NECTAR has hosted over 200 artists and highlighted the work of 15 notable Santa Barbara organizations, such as Santa Barbara Birth Center, Central Coast Doulas, Hospice of Santa Barbara, The Community Counseling and Education Center, Transition Center and The Glendon Association, to name a few. The NECTAR Collaborative represents NECTAR outside of the NECTAR forum as a vital, honest and investigative professional "wing" in other community events.

Artist Bio
CYBIL GILBERTSON received her BA in DANCe from the University of California, Santa Barbara ('97). She has danced professionally since 1997 with Santa Barbara Dance Theatre, The California Coastal Project/Robin Bisio, LA Music Awards, SB NIGHTS, Santa Barbara Dance Alliance, Cirque Destino/Burninghman Festival, Monterey Dance Collective, Easlen International Arts Festival and more. She has simultaneously pursued careers in Massage and Bodywork, Professional Pilates training and Yoga facilitation and has been teaching and practicing since 1999.

Artist Statement
Being an artist is a privilege and responsibility. I am inspired to create art around things, people and experiences in life that move me; move me to tears, to laughter, to confusion, to anger and more. "We all know that art is a lie, but it is the lie that helps us to see the truth." ~ Pablo Picaso
What do you hope to gain from this experience?
To connect with other artists in a safe and colorful Artbark venue. To explore the open-minded, yet extremely and diligently organzied festival that is ADaPT. support and be supported by the bold, courageous and deliciously talented Kelly Team!!!!

Have you participated in Festivals before? If so, what worked and what didn't work for you? What would you like to see more or less of?
Yes, Affinity III and NECTAR collaborated. It was perfect!

Description of Creative Work
Cybil will be offering a dynamic solo - 
Program Credits
Title: XYZ
Cybil Gilbertson/NECTAR Collaborative - Santa Barbara CA USA
Choreography, performance and costume by: Cybil Gilbertson
Text: Dear Sugar (aka Cheryl Strayed)
When life gives you lemons, massage them open, and make lemonade.