David Chartrand

David M. Chartrand will be installed in the Cut The Edge Performance Installation, along with a selection of needlepoint and paintings curated by Brecia Kralovic-Logan. We are thrilled to have David a part of the Festival, and having David a part of the Festival means having his beloved Julie McLeod, director of AWOL a part of it as well.

David has this to say about his work.

24" x 22"
on 10 point Penelope

"I have been doing needlepoints off and on for many years, and am absolutely self-taught. A Grandma Moses of needlepoint one might say, but with a contemporary bent. My interest is more with shape and color than in particular stitches, and my fascination is in the area of Abstract.

Over the years, in the process of raising a family, there have been times when I could afford studio space, and times when I could not. Yarn was the solution when the space was needed for some other function, as it could safely be put aside without worrying about drying times. I had long admired tapestry work, but money and space precluded owning a loom. Therefore, needlepoint was a perfect compromise.

Now, that I no longer have to "work"; since my family is all grown; I spend my time traveling and working on the projects that suit me. This piece above is my 64th needlepoint and I'm currently stitching number 120!

During the years I worked in business to support my family, and at the same time as a professional photographer, stage and lighting designer, artist and writer. During all that time I have always believed that the intellectual process was more important than the notoriety; that it was more important to 'grow' than worry about what others thought. Some may say a misfit, a radical, but stitching is a great time for introspection while the mind works in mysterious ways on my other creative projects.

My loving partner and companion of 15 years has been after me, kindly, thank goodness, to let other people see what I do, and this gallery is a wonderful way to do just that!”