Jamie Carbetta Hammond - Pony Box Dance Theatre

Photographer: Tracy Kumumo
Dancer: Ethan Amar
Company: Pony Box Dance Theatre

Artist Biography
Jamie began making dances for the neighborhood children at the age of 5 to her dad’s Shirley Bassey records, gradually morphed into a light theatre ingénue before earning her MFA in dance at UC Irvine in 2000. While at UCI on a full graduate fellowship, she created a one -person show based on her research about modern dance pioneer, Helen Tamiris, performing at various venues including the National Museum of Dance in New York. Jamie has had the honor of receiving numerous grants, from the National Museum of Dance, California Arts Council and University of California, Irvine.

She has studied at the Martha Graham School and Jose Limon School in New York City. Also, Jamie has performed with numerous prominent contemporary choreographers including: Ann Carlson and Bebe Miller and studied with ballet luminaries David Allan and Stephan Wenta. Her work has also been presented in Japan, California, Ohio and Washington states. She has performed in over 16 musicals and choreographed for film and stage, most notably, Joann Yarrow’s Measure for Measure , set in 1920’s Vienna.

Additionally, Jamie has taught at Oberlin College, Western Washington State University and the University of California, Irvine. Presently, she serves as an Adjunct Professor at West Los Angeles, Cerritos and El Camino Colleges. She is certified in both yoga and pilates and enjoys her spare time with her husband, an accomplished musician, her college age daughter and son who just entered first grade.

Artist Statement

What's in a Name:

One day our daughter's friend created a drawing that is now our logo. When questioned about what she drew, she replied, " A pony box. You put everything in it."

The term "pony box" became a catch all phrase that means everything and anything.

art + music + dance + theatre + film=pony box dance theatre

We are a 21st century Ballet Russes.
We create contemporary ballets with a political and social consciousness.

What do you hope to gain from this experience
Inspiration, growth, challenges, friendship, love and peace!
As artists, we can learn so much from one another. Would love to be a part of a festival where this kind of collaboration is cultivated and encouraged.

Have you participated in Festivals before? If so, what worked and what didn't work for you? What would you like to see more or less of?
Yes, we were invited to the Southern CA Dance Invitational in Costa Mesa. It was very well organized and the tech people were flexible. Loved being around other artists and enjoyed the after performance party, as it was the only social activity and opportunity to connect on a human level with the various company directors and performers.

Would have liked more of an opportunity for discussion, sharing and a chance to connect with others.
Felt each company remained in their own separate sphere-ice breakers or social activities would have helped.

Verbal Description of the work you would like to bring Devadasi
"Devadasi", is a tale of transcendence in the midst of chaos. A woman emerges from a wire/fabric cocoon, journeys through the world, transcending the violence, and cruelty around her. "Devadasi" features an impressionistic collage of projected disaster footage taken from old VHS tapes and the extraordinary, athleticism of 4 male dancers.