Kristin Hatleberg: Brooklyn, NY U.S.A.

Artist Biography
"Kristin Hatleberg is a dance artist and educator based in Brooklyn, New York who works predominantly in cross-genre collaboration. She holds a BFA in Dance and BA in English from Rutgers and has extensive experience working with students of all ages at such schools as Princeton Ballet School (NJ), Kathleen Academy of Dance (NJ), Walnut Bottom School of Dance (PA), PS 56 (NY), Muscota New School (NY), and has been a pre-school educator for four years. She also teaches Active Listening workshops to adults.

Her choreography has been shown in Canada, the Netherlands, and throughout the United States. Kristin has performed for various international choreographers, including Eva Dean/Eva Dean Dance, Willi Dorner/Cie. Willi Dorner, Katie Duck/Magpie Music and Dance Company, Noemie LaFrance/Sens Productions, Julie Ludwick/Fly by Night Dance Theater, Sari Nordman, and Dai Jian."

Artist Statement
"The word for soul in Latin is anima, the root of animal and animated; these are the roots of my art. With active, listening senses I partner dance and environment to transmit the physical necessity inherent in living. Life is motion, and that motion is created in response to each living being’s realization of the world that holds it. I work to expose the connections between humans and their physical environments that may not be noticed during day-to-day life. I aim to deepen awareness and focus so we may approach issues with more creative perspective.

Presence is the lifeblood of my work. As humans, we naturally absorb our physical environments and imprint them on everything we create. Dance is the platform to offer these imprints as a gesture of how we can embody our world in powerful, grounded ways.

The oscillation between perceiving and imagining is the lifespan of a dance. My works create a space hold that gives minds a productive, guided setting in which to wander. I believe in subjective narratives and use the narrative trajectory as the skeleton of my work to expose connections that may not otherwise be noticed, particularly those between humans and their physical environments. Imagery is a driving inspiration throughout my creative process, and education is the cornerstone of my work. Dance, the physical rendering of all we perceive, offers continual re-education of the body and the mind, of what it means to be human, animal, mortal. Dance is a format that invites open forum concerning our perceptions of context, space and time."

What do you hope to gain from this experience?
Continued artistic dialog with artists and a community with whom I made connections during the SB-ADaPT 2011 Festival. The chance to share more of my work with a community that I know is like-minded. Although I am not able to be there physically, sharing my films would be a way to reconnect and share my thoughts with people I value who are out in Santa Barbara.

Have you participated in Festivals before? If so, what worked and what didn't work for you? What would you like to see more or less of?
Yes. I participated in the SB ADaPT Festival 2011 as well as in numerous festivals in and around the NYC area and in Amsterdam. It works for me when everyone works collaboratively while respecting the individual roles and expertise of the fellow collaborators. I'd love to see more opportunity for open-ended discussion and time to come together and feel connected. I'd love to see more open-ended challenges being offered by presenters---like Misa asking me to create an installation for Cut the Edge in 2011! In general, festival structures and schedules often lack a feeling of humanity, and of faith in people. I appreciate when that is subverted.

Verbal Description of the work you would like to bring
Kristin will be offering a film, Ringing Rocks, co-created with Fred Hatt and Yuko Takebe.