Lissa Resnick - No Strings Attached Dance Company

photo by Janis Davis
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Artist Biography
Lissa Resnick had her formative dance training via full scholarships at Joffrey and San Francisco Ballet where she trained with such masters as Irina Jacobsen (SF Ballet school) and Norbert Vesak (formerly of San Francisco Opera). Her early training resulted in Lissa winning the competitive Harkness Scholarship Award at the age of 16. She has performed with the San Francisco Ballet, Sacramento Ballet, Bonnie Simoa Contemporary Dance, Danse Lumiere and College of Marin Dance Company. In her recent work with Berkeley-based Kathryn Roszak’s ‘Danse Lumiere’, Lissa created principal roles and performed at Herbst Theatre-San Francisco, UC Berkeley among other Northern CA venues. She is currently developing contemporary and jazz offerings in greater LA. In November 2011, Lissa founded 'No Strings Attached Dance Company', a delightful collection of classically trained dancers merging poetic technique with contemporary movement. During this, it’s debut year, Lissa choreographed/directed performed in over seven venues including Hermosa Beach Playhouse, and The El Portal Theater in North Hollywood, several art galleries, and 2 outdoor dance festivals. The group has brought inspiring comments summarized by a patron and performing arts editor: "Lissa Resnick, Artistic Director of BeachHead Productions, put on a performance of utter beauty that truly left me speechless.” Current projects include ongoing collaboration with Lightsey Fine Arts, and a new commissioned work for the Palos Verdes Art Center in fall of 2012. She is a passionate instructor in ballet and creative movement. Credentials include Roszak's Children’s Dance Program in Berkeley; Torrance Cultural Arts Center’s Young-Program; Dance/Arts Seminar for Torrance Unified School District, Riviera Elementary, and creative movement curriculum for Riviera Playschool, Redondo Beach, master class at Palos Verdes Peninsula High School. Film/TV credits include featured dancer in the documentary ‘Image of a Dancer’ by Lucas Films and ballet dancer in an AT&T Yellow Pages commercials. Outside of the dance world, Lissa has a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from USC and has worked as an adult and pediatric physical therapist.

Artist Statement
Rooted in the belief that collaboration evokes strong creations, the company makes new statements about the poetic world by linking theater, music, and the visual arts. Using classically trained dancers, they create new works that cultivate and evolve the language of contemporary movement. Since its inception in 2011, the group quickly built collaborative relationships with such innovative choreographers as Kathryn Roszak, Alan Scofield, Adelle Binelli, acclaimed violin duo DoubleTake, Southern California soprano Leah Klaver, Lightsey Fine Arts, and a variety of Southern California visual artists and galleries. No Strings Attached strives to become the moving art of the artist's vast canvas of life.

What do you hope to gain from this experience
We would love the opportunity to perform and further grow these projects in ways that only audience energy can invoke. I would like to meet more like-minded, collaborative artists and allow our dancers further performance and networking opportunities. Also, Santa Barbara is gorgeous!!

Have you participated in Festivals before? If so, what worked and what didn't work for you? What would you like to see more or less of?
Yes! What worked was eager production support and meeting/dancing with other diverse dance-artists. What didn't was unclear communication from producers or last minute deadlines from production team.

Verbal Description of the work this community will be sharing at the Festival
(8 1/2 minutes) 'The Last Painting'. An action-painter is surrounded by his muses and is inspired to create his last painting. Using choreography and the dancers' bodies, the painter and dancers create a new painting live for your audience. This piece is constantly has potential for audience participation and further growth.
*Can be performed with paint OR without paint, depending on the concert's needs.


"The human figure moves in a continuum of rhythmic motion. Its pulse, breath and craniosacral rhythms perpetually flow throughout the body. A dancer’s body reveals these rhythms through the most sublime expressions of shape, gesture and movement. These paintings are an attempt to capture these rhythms in collaboration with choreographed dance. Painting and dancing have been forms of creative expression since the dawn of ancient ceremonial cave paintings and ritualistic tribal dances. These dancers and I explored this relationship through a reticulation of internal and external rhythms, an orchestration of pattern as sensory stimulation perceived by hands and feet, and by interlacing the landscape of a two-dimensional canvas together with the platform of a three-dimensional dance. Ultimately, by combining these two art forms, we engaged in a deeper expression of consciousness; communicating what is too deep for words and therefore evoking an ancient language of emotional truth."