Michael A. Green - Slovenia

Photo by Frank Sperber
Website: www.michaelgreenthesinger.com
As a young boy Michael devoted his life to the Theater and Music ..as Musical Theater was nonexistent in his native country ( it basically still is ) he had to establish his career outside of Slovenia.
He started his music education and theatrical trainings in Conservatory for Music and Ballet in Ljubljana Slovenia , continued in Croatia in Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb and that leaded him to European Music Capital - Vienna where he trained to become Musical Theater actor/singer/dancer.

Michael performs in Musical Theater productions all over Europe, his credits include : 2012 MACBETH THE MUSICAL - Testa di Strega ( CWM – Roma ) , 2011 GUBEC BEG Krajač, Prohaska, Metikoš – Matija ( Kazalište Komedija Zagreb ), 2010 DIE FLEDERMAUS J. Strauss – Alfred ( SNG Maribor ), 2009 LES MISERABLES Schönberg-Jean Valjean ( HNK Varaždin ), 2009 PEER GYNT H. Ibsen – young Peer Gynt ( SNG Ljubljana ), 2006 CABARET Kander, Ebb - master of ceremony ( SLG Celje ), 2006 LA PUCE A l ' OREILLE G. Feydeau – Armand ( KK Klagenfurt ), 2004 DAS FEUERWERK P.Burkhard – Robert ( SNG Maribor ), 2003 BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Menken / Ashman, Rice – Gaston ( Hiša kulture Celje ), 2002 CHICAGO Kander / Ebb - Billy Flin, Amos Hart ( SLG Celje ) 2001 JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR Andrew Lloyd Webber – Peter ( KD VATROSLAV LISINSKI Zagreb )

As well as a solo performer in Concerts in Slovenia, Austria, Croatia, Italy, Germany ... mostly performing songs from Musical Theater as well as French chansons, jazz standards, operetta arias.

He received several international awards for performing French chansons ( les chansans francaise ) - in Croatia and France.

Michael performed for National and private television stations in Slovenia, Germany, Italy and Croatia ( RTV SLOVENIA, HRT, ZDF, RAI3 )

As a Stage director Michael directed more 30 professional plays, operas and operettas in Slovenia, Croatia, Austria..and received several international awards...
Artist Statement
Mojca and I joined our forces to create a theatrical production that uses movement, songs, lyrics, acting skills . Our main goal was to present our talents in different fields of Arts and join them in a form that allows us to do some new investigations, new improvisations and new ways of exploring the Art of the Theater. As we come from different training background it does allow us to explore new boarders of dance, movement, singing, acting as well as musical and drama theater. And we seem to get more and more impressed by the amazing connections the Theater ( and the Art in general ) can provide.

What do you hope to gain from this experience?
We are both very excited to share our views, to exchange ideas, positive energies, and to learn a lot from other artists that will participate in Festival . All these positive energies will help us continuing our work together and as individuals

Have you participated in Festivals before? If so, what worked and what didn't work for you? What would you like to see more or less of?
We have both performed in different festivals. Mojca more then Michael, but I think we are both overwhelmed by the opportunity to perform and to interact and learn from other Festival participants that we love every single moment of it.

Description of the Creative Work Michael will be contributing with Mojca Majcen and Valerie Green.

is a  stage performance that investigates personal stories of a catastrophe on 13, 14 and 15 April 1912 in connection with today's world.

Historical facts about the mighty ship and the terrible crash of the RMS TITANIC (14 April 1912) TITANIC.SI uses a frame of a historical story and connects it with today's life that touches the fate of an individual in the midst of a catastrophic dive of the world, civilization, moral values.

The Route from the old continent to the new world, all the hopes, aspirations and expectation crushed in a single moment.

The famous  ship in connection with the global  civilization.  All the hopes, aspirations and expectations, however, by colliding in the icy mountain crashed in the dust. With its dive Titanic represents a lost opportunity..The life boat Nr. 15 was the bout with two passengers from Slovenia that survived the catastrophe. There is a hope after all.