2013 Sponsors and Supporters

2013 is a function of a whole lot of folks doing a whole lot of things with a few angels in the mix - that is for sure.
Co-Artistic Leaders & Project Coordinators
Misa & Stephen Kelly
Production Team
Santa Barbara
Cay Fitzgerald (brunch committee)
Got Country? (brunch committee)
Jatila van der Veen (outdoor component)
Melissa Block (brunch committee)
Misa & Stephen Kelly (whole ball of wax!)
Weslie Ching (graphics)
Susan Alexander Teaches (master classes)
New York
Trina Mannino (Pr, CPR organization)
Joanna Nobbe (CPR organization)
Los Angeles
Noelle Andressen Kale - Rubans Rouge Dance Company (LA Pr, website support)
Home Stays for Artists
DramaDogs - a Theater Company: Ken Gilbert and E. Bonnie Lewis
Fishbon Community: Alan and Cindy Macy
Jill Littlewood
Transportation for Artists
Ruth Alpert, Melissa Block
Food Donations
Whole Foods kindly said yes to providing a fruit platter for the artist's brunch!

Big Thanks to Donna and the Soj for supplying cookies for the artist's brunch!
Photographers and Videographers
Photography: Robert Salas, Misa Kelly, Stephen Kelly
Videography: Penny Little, Misa Kelly, Stephen Kelly
Financial Collaborators
Galaxies $5,000 +
the Kelly Family Foundation
Nebulas $2,000 +
Rudi Schulte Family Foundation
Santa Barbara County Arts Commission - 2012/13 Organizational Development Grant funding
SuperNovas $1,000 +
Comets $300 +
Christianne Schlumberger
Center Stage Theater
Asteroids $100 +
Shooting Starts $50 +
Alice Condodina
Moonbeams $1 +
Hillary Thomas
This project is funded in part by the Organizational Development Grant Program using funds provided by the City of Santa Barbara in partnership with the Santa Barbara County Arts Commission