Program Arthur - CST

Dance and Physical Theater
PROGRAM ARTHUR - Center Stage Theater- Santa Barbara CA, 93101
Saturday July 27th
7:30 pm pre-show,  social dance genre with audience participation by Embody Dance - Derrick Curtis
8:00 performances
$22 suggested donation - Pay what you can - $5 suggested minimum
Tickets via Center Stage Theater
Purchase by Phone with Visa or Mastercard: (805) 963-0408 (V/TDD)

EAST COAST Emily Berry - B3W Performance Group, Raving Jaynes WEST COAST: ArtBark International, BodySensate, Jessica Kondrath |the movement, Nancy Evans Dance Theatre – Jenn Logan, No Strings Attached Dance Company – Lissa Resnick, The Union Project Dance Company, Valerie Huston
FILM and Video Fred Hatt, Kristen Hatleberg, Yuko Takebe; Misa and Stephen Kelly

Embody Dance
Derrick Curtis's community will share a selection of social dances and will then invite the audience up for a line dance!

Emily Berry - B3W 
Emily Berry will be selecting a solo from her repertory to share with the community.  Photo by Eric Bandiero

ArtBark International
ArtBark International will share their Brooklyn ArtBarker's latest creation "Recall is Never Replay."  The piece was developed in what is becoming a signature style of creation working with artists living in different cities. ArtBark uses email, YouTube, and skype to move projects forwards and then artists work intensively to refine the work. This work was brought up to performance speed during a company residency at the Dragon's Egg in Ledyard Connecticut in May 2013.   Photo by Eric Bandiero

Program Credits
Title: Recall is Never Replay 
ArtBark International - Brooklyn, New York USA, Santa Barbara, California USA Celje, Slovenia EUROPE 
A collaborative and co-creative process 
Choreographer: Trina Mannino ∞ Performance by: Misa and Stephen Kelly ∞ Costumes by: Misa and Stephen Kelly 
Recall is Never Replay explores a couple's daily routine from each of their perspectives while revealing multiple variations of a single memory. The different recollections pose challenges for the couple, but eventually brings them closer together."
Length of Dance: 6 minutes

ArtBark International will also offer "Unzipped".  A duet co-created by Misa Kelly and Joanna Nobbe inspired by Misa's many years in life drawing classes.  It is there hope that those with "body issues" will become more comfortable in their skin as a consequence of viewing the work.  This work will be placed after intermission - parental discretion advised. 

Choreographer Matthew Nelson is creating a performance work based on the 12 principles of permaculture. Permaculture is a design philosophy for regenerative living that emulates natural patterns. The piece will be performed to live music composed by Jordan Nelson and played by violinist Clara Kim, "Two Mythological Birds" will be performed in the ADaPT. Photo by Dale Peterson. 

Jessica Kondrath / the movement
The Kellys came across Jessica's work when she presented it at NECTAR earlier in the year, and although the program was already full, they couldn't imagine NOT bringing this little gem to the forefront as a part of the ADaPT Festival.   Jessica says of this work "this piece is primarily a choreographic exploration of the score, intending to create a visual version or re-presentation of the music for the viewer. The work also looks at the audience-viewer relationship and the use of the gaze."  Photo by Robert Salas

Program Credits

Title of work: The Art of Breathing (excerpt)
Jessica Kondrath | the movement - Long Beach, CA
Choreographer: Jessica Kondrath
Performance by: Julie Correia
Costumes by: Jessica Kondrath Music by: J.S. Bach, Transcribed for piano by Vahan Mardirossian
One to Two Sentence Description of Work: This piece is primarily a choreographic exploration of the score, intending to create a visual version or re-presentation of the music for the viewer. The work also looks at the audience-viewer relationship and the use of the gaze.
Length of Dance: 4 minutes

Nancy Evans Dance Theater
Choreographer Jenn Logan will be sharing "Coupling, Cycles 1-3". Choreographed in part as a response to why she and her partner James waited 13 years to get married. Coupling explores the constant shift between independence and interdependence that intimacy creates.  Photo by Robert Salas

Program Credits
Title of work: Coupling, Cycles 1-3
Nancy Evans Dance Theater - Pasadena, CA, USA
Choreographer: Jenn Logan
Performance by: Katrina Amerine & Scot Tupper
Costumes by: Jenn Logan
Music by: Aaron Martin
Length of Dance: 6 minutes

The Union Project Dance Company
As an LA debut, Mariana Oliveira created “Fearing the Unknown”, a new work that features the collaboration between contemporary dance and live music, with original score created by composer Michael O. Hurwitz. “Fearing the Unknown” will explore the fears and anxieties that people develop along their lives. In this new project, we will explore our most common fears and how to break free from them. The dancers will experiment with different movements, and create their own dance phrases to represent their private fears. Dancers are being thrown and caught constantly throughout the choreography, so they are made to trust their partners and let go of technical fears. The choreography challenges dancers to explore their own feelings and to move without fearing the unknown, allowing their bodies to experience different forms of movements. Photo by Priscilla Lewis

Program Credits
Title of work: Fearing the Unknown 
The Union Project Dance Company - Los Angeles, CA 
Choreographer: Mariana Oliveira
Performance by: Dancers: Andrew Pearson, Carolyn Pampalone, Heidi Buehler and Raymond Ejiofor. Musicians: Mikala Schmitz (Cello), Ryan Andrews (Percussion) and Michael O. Hurwitz (Conductor).
Costumes by: Mariana Oliveira
Music by: Michael O. Hurwitz
Contemporary dance and live music collaboration that explores the fears and anxieties people develop along their lives. Length of Dance: 8 minutes
No Strings Attached Dance Company
Choreographer Lissa Resnick will be sharing her work "The Last Painting". An action-painter is surrounded by his muses and is inspired to create his last painting. Using choreography and the dancers' bodies, the painter and dancers create a new painting live for your audience.  Photo by Janis Davis

Valerie Huston
Valerie Huston will present a modern ballet solo titled Black Earth danced by Megan Ragland.