Program Jules - CST

Dance and Physical Theater
PROGRAM JULES - Center Stage Theater, Santa Barbara CA Friday July 26th
7:30 pm pre-show,  social dance genre with audience participation
8:00 performances
$22 suggested donation - Pay what you can - $5 minimum
Purchase by Phone with Visa or Mastercard: (805) 963-0408 (V/TDD)

 NEW YORK: Anri NakanoBarbara Mahler, Raving Jaynes,  CALIFORNIA:  ArtBark International,  Megill & Company,  Got Country? Movement Theatre CoLab, Nancy Evans Dance Theatre, NECTAR Collaborative, Pony Box Dance Theatre, Rubans Rouge Dance Company

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7:30 pm  Pre-show 
Got Country? is a Country Western performance and competition dance team. The music they dance to is a compilation of lively Country Western music with choreography to match. After they perform they will teach a fun and easy line dance and will encourage the audience  to join in.

8:00 pm Performances

ArtBark International
Photo by Robert Salas
ArtBark International will be sharing their inter-generational physical theater work "One World is Never Enough" using artists ranging in age from 10 to 72 which also features the adorable pooch - Dolby the Dauchsie.   The work was influenced by their adventures to Vienna, Austria and the creative work they were exposed to by the European artists that participated in the 2012 ADaPT Festival.  It has been likened to hearkening to a cross between a Pina Bausch and Meredith Monk work.     

ArtBark International will also share "Patchwork Chameleon".  The work will feature piano music by Stephen Kelly. Stephen will play a musical composition created by Misa Kelly and outsider artist Isa Topete. Isa has a rare condition called chromosome deletion 1Q.   Her primary means of expression is comprised of abstract vocalizations, tones, percussion, and use of an electronic keyboard with gesture augmenting this expression.  “She does not have words but responds to certain questions with her own signs for yes and no.  She plays music, sings and matches tones around her, whether they are musical or mechanical, all of her waking hours” says her mother Ann Topete. What an honor to be creating with Isa!
Barbara Mahler
Barbara Mahler presents excerpted sections from "When She Stumbles".  Barbara's signature in her small and intimate dances journey on a linear, abstract and moving path.
Photo by Julie Lemberger

Program Credits
When She Stumbles
Barbara Mahler's Dances – Jackson Heights, NY
Choreographed and performed by Barbara Mahler
Costume: Cathy Hazeltine
Sound: Environmental - unknown
Length - 9 minutes

Megill & Company
Megill and Company will share a tap piece called Stop. Listen. Dance
This work combines cool jazz, tap dance and the expressive musicality of Megill & Company, and you get MeCo's newest tap dance piece entitled "Stop. Listen. Dance." This feel good number about the sweetness of music and dance, reminds us that dance lives inside of our bones, deep in the core of our souls. This dance is reminder of the sweetness that comes from the union of rhythm, expression and movement.

Title: Stop. Listen. Dance
Choreography by Beth Megill
Music by Jamie Cullum
Performed by Beth Megill, Brooklynn Reeves, Erin Riddle and Karissa Smith

Nancy Evans Dance Theatre - Nancy Evans
Choreographer Nancy Evans Doede will be presenting a female duet based on the connection as well as the individuality that twins experience -- an inner knowing of one another, conflict at wanting to be separate and individual, and a coming to terms with the relationship they did not choose.
Program Credits
Title: Le Gemelle/The Twins (2013)
Music: I Awakening
"Pur Ti Miro" from L'incoronazione di Poppea, for Castrato, by Claudio Monteverdi
II Separate/Together
"Nisi Dominus: Psalm 126(127) for Countertenor by Antonio Vivaldi
III Unity
"Chiome D'oro (Conzonetta a Due Voci) by Claudio Monteverdi
Choreography: Nancy Evans Doede
Dancers: Katrina Amerine and Ashleigh Doede
Costumes: Jenn Logan

Raving Jaynes
Using techniques from both dance and comedy improvisation, The Raving Jaynes will spontaneously create a piece of highly physical dance/theater. Nothing is choreographed, nothing is scripted! 
photo by Stephen Kelly
Program Credits 
Title: Mini Rave 
Name of Dance Company: The Raving Jaynes - New York, New York USA 
Choreographers: Amy Larimer and Jamie Graham ∞ Performance by: Amy Larimer and Jamie Graham 
Costumes by: Amy Larimer and Jamie Graham ∞ Music by: Chosen at the time of the performance

Anri Nakano (NY)

Anri Nakano will be sharing her solo, Just Be Imaginative .

"I created this piece based on one of the memories in my childhood. The story begins in the front yard of my parents’ home in Fukuoka, Japan. Since Fukuoka is located on the southern part of Japan, rainy season and typhoons (tropical storm) visit the city in the early summer. My mother would lay out umbrellas in our front yard on a cloudless day so that they could dry out and be prepared for the next rainy day. It was typical to see this sight during that time of the year.

Every time I saw this family of umbrellas sunbathing on the grass of our front yard, I got pretty excited. One day, I decided to gather them all in one spot and make a tent. Inside it was cramped, but I felt secure. It was warm and nice inside. I was happy that I created a new little world just for myself. 

In this dance, I’m not trying to be a 7 year old again. I explore deep into my memory to bring out the pure pleasure of making spontaneous choices and simply play. Creating dance is similar to what I did when I was a child. Being imaginative and playing hard. This piece is abstract, poetic, and intriguing. It might remind people of their childhood or something completely different. I hope to give the audience some space to be “imaginative” in their own ways."

Anri Nakano (NY)
Program Credits
Title: Just Be Imaginative 
Anri Nakano - Japan (New York) 
Choreography, Performance and Costume by: Anri Nakano 
Music by: "Sunday Night Just Keep on Rolling" by Múm, "One Minute" by The Album Leaf, "Tenohira Wo Taiyo Ni" by tokyo jido gassho dan, "Marmalade Fires" by Múm It was warm and nice inside the "house of umbrellas". I was happy that I created a new little world just for

NECTAR Collaborative
Photo by Robert Salas
Cybil Gilbertson will be presenting a new solo XYZ  which gives expression to  thought than "When life gives you lemons, massage them open, and make lemonade."

Program Credits
Title: XYZ
Cybil Gilbertson/NECTAR Collaborative - Santa Barbara CA USA
Choreography by: Cybil Gilbertson
Performed by: Cybil Gilbertson
Costume by: Cybil Gilbertson
Music by: TBD
Text: Dear Sugar (aka Cheryl Strayed)

Pony Box Dance Theatre
photo by Tracy Kumono
Choreographer Jamie Carbetta Hammond of Long Beach, CA will be sharing a pas de deux called with(in) with rich costuming and visual elements.

Program Credits
Pony Box Dance Theatre – Long Beach, CA 
Choreographer: Jamie Carbetta Hammond, in collaboration with the dancers 
Performers: AJ Dirkenson, Cleo Magill 
Music: Olafur Arnalds 
Sculpture, Costumes: Joseph Umali Fernandez  A benevolent spirit helps a bird fly in the face of evil and away from it

Rubans Rouges Dance Company
Photo by David Van Gorner
Noelle Andressen will be performing a 3 1/2 minute solo called "Storm"  The work is a piece about  a woman who finds her inner strength after a tragedy and her souls rises up out of the ashes to storm. 


Art Bark,
Jul 15, 2013, 3:25 PM
Art Bark,
Jul 15, 2013, 3:25 PM