Program Ray

1158 East Colorado Blvd. in Pasadena, California 91106
Sunday July 28th
4:30 pm pre-show, social dance genre with audience participation
5:00 performances
$22 suggested donation - Pay what you can - $5 minimum

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Participating Artists
EAST COAST Anri Nakano, The Raving Jaynes, Trina Mannino - ArtBark International   WEST COAST ArtBark International - Stephen and Misa Kelly,  Got Country?, Hart Pulse Dance Company, Megill & Company, Nancy Evans Dance Theatre, Movement Theatre CoLab, No Strings Attached Dance Company, Rubans Rouges Dance Company,  The Union Project Dance Company

4:30 pm  Marilyn Romeo - Pre-show

Got Country? is a Country Western performance and competition dance team. The music they dance to is a compilation of lively Country Western music with choreography to match. After they perform they will teach a fun and easy line dance and will encourage the public to join in.

5:00 pm Performances

ArtBark International
Recall is Never Replay explores a couple's daily routine from each of their perspectives while revealing multiple variations of a single memory. The different recollections pose challenges for the couple, but eventually brings them closer together." This work was created via a process ArtBark International is generating that enables artists living in different parts of the world to collaborate and create.   Artists hold regular skype sessions and communicate via email transmitting choreographic ideas which the dancers take into the studio to develop. After each rehearsal the video is uploaded to YouTube and the choreographer reviews the material and provides further guidance.  The collective meets prior to performances for intensive work shaping the work for performance.
photo by Eric Bandiero

Program Credits
Title: Recall is Never Replay 
ArtBark International - Brooklyn, New York USA, Santa Barbara, California USA Celje, Slovenia EUROPE 
A collaborative and co-creative process 
Choreographer: Trina Mannino ∞ Performance by: Misa and Stephen Kelly ∞ Costumes by: Misa and Stephen Kelly 
Length of Dance: 5:45 minutes

The Raving Jaynes
Using techniques from both dance and comedy improvisation, The Raving Jaynes will spontaneously create a piece of highly physical dance/theater. Nothing is choreographed, nothing is scripted!
Photo by Stephen Kelly

Program Credits
Title: Mini Rave 
Name of Dance Company: The Raving Jaynes - New York, New York USA 
Choreographers: Amy Larimer and Jamie Graham ∞ Performance by: Amy Larimer and Jamie Graham 
Costumes by: Amy Larimer and Jamie Graham ∞ Music by: Chosen at the time of the performance 
Length of Dance: 8 1/2 minutes

Anri Nakano
Photo by Eric Bandiero
I created this piece based on one of the memories in my childhood. The story begins in the front yard of my parents’ home in Fukuoka, Japan. Since Fukuoka is located on the southern part of Japan, rainy season and typhoons (tropical storm) visit the city in the early summer. My mother would lay out umbrellas in our front yard on a cloudless day so that they could dry out and be prepared for the next rainy day. It was typical to see this sight during that time of the year.

Every time I saw this family of umbrellas sunbathing on the grass of our front yard, I got pretty excited. One day, I decided to gather them all in one spot and make a tent. Inside it was cramped, but I felt secure. It was warm and nice inside. I was happy that I created a new little world just for myself. 

In this dance, I’m not trying to be a 7 year old again. I explore deep into my memory to bring out the pure pleasure of making spontaneous choices and simply play. Creating dance is similar to what I did when I was a child. Being imaginative and playing hard. This piece is abstract, poetic, and intriguing. It might remind people of their childhood or something completely different. I hope to give the audience some space to be “imaginative” in their own ways.

Program Credits
Title: Just Be Imaginative 
Anri Nakano - Japan (New York) 
Choreography, Performance and Costume by: Anri Nakano 
Music by: "Sunday Night Just Keep on Rolling" by Múm, "One Minute" by The Album Leaf, "Tenohira Wo Taiyo Ni" by tokyo jido gassho dan, "Marmalade Fires" by Múm 
Length of Dance: 9 minutes

Megill & Company
Photo by Beth Megill
Beth Megill will be sharing a new work - Water Tribe 

Megill offers this description: "Earthy bodies emerge from a watery landscape in an elegant contemporary modern dance work by Megill & Company's artistic director, Beth Megill called Water Tribe. In this performance, Megill & Company will present part of I of this trilogy. Imagine, a trio of exquisite female dancers emerges from a tribal world, drawing the audience into a time and place of land, water, agriculture, and survival. With sweeping lines and image rich gesture, this piece takes the audience on a journey into the labors of a life lived closed to the land, with a people who depend on the harvest and each other."

Program Credits
Water Tribe (Part I)
Choreography by Beth Megill
Music by Rokia Traoré
Performed by: Brooklynn Reeves, Erin Riddle, Karissa Smith
Hart Pulse Dance Company
Photo by Robert Salas
Amanda Hart will be sharing a group work created this season for her annual showcase at the Miles Memorial Playhouse.  

Nancy Evans Dance Theatre - Nancy Evans
Choreographer Nancy Evans Doede will be presenting a female duet based on the connection as well as the individuality that twins experience -- an inner knowing of one another, conflict at wanting to be separate and individual, and a coming to terms with the relationship they did not choose.
Program Credits
Title: Le Gemelle/The Twins (2013)
Music: I Awakening
"Pur Ti Miro" from L'incoronazione di Poppea, for Castrato, by Claudio Monteverdi
II Separate/Together
"Nisi Dominus: Psalm 126(127) for Countertenor by Antonio Vivaldi
III Unity
"Chiome D'oro (Conzonetta a Due Voci) by Claudio Monteverdi
Choreography: Nancy Evans Doede
Dancers: Katrina Amerine and Ashleigh Doede
Costumes: Jenn Logan

No Strings Attached Dance Company
Photo by Janis Davis
Choreographer Lissa Resnick will be sharing her work "The Last Painting". An action-painter is surrounded by his muses and is inspired to create his last painting. Using choreography and the dancers' bodies, the painter and dancers create a new painting live for your audience.

The Union Project Dance Company
As an LA debut, Mariana Oliveira created “Fearing the Unknown”, a new work that features the collaboration between contemporary dance and live music, with original score created by composer Michael O. Hurwitz. “Fearing the Unknown” will explore the fears and anxieties that people develop along their lives. In this new project, we will explore our most common fears and how to break free from them. The dancers will experiment with different movements, and create their own dance phrases to represent their private fears. Dancers are being thrown and caught constantly throughout the choreography, so they are made to trust their partners and let go of technical fears. The choreography challenges dancers to explore their own feelings and to move without fearing the unknown, allowing their bodies to experience different forms of movements.

Program Credits
Title of work: “Fearing the Unknown”
The Union Project Dance Company- Los Angeles, CA
Choreographer: Mariana Oliveira
Performance by: Dancers: Andrew Pearson, Carolyn Pampalone, Heidi Buehler and Raymond Ejiofor. Musicians: Mikala Schmitz (Cello), Ryan Andrews (Percussion) and Michael O. Hurwitz (Conductor).
Costumes by: Mariana Oliveira
Music by: Michael O. Hurwitz
Contemporary dance and live music collaboration that explores the fears and anxieties people develop along their lives. 
Length of Dance: 8 minutes

Rubans Rouges Dance Company
Photo by Robert Salas
  Noelle Andressen will be performing a 3 1/2 minute solo called "Storm"  The work is a piece about  a woman who finds her inner strength after a tragedy and her souls rises up out of the ashes to storm.