Barbara Mahler Master Class

photo by Julie Lemberger
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Description of Barbara's Master Class
 Barbara focuses on and provides the tools to support movement of all styles of dance and other activities, including everyday life. The essential premise is that the postural and movement support of the body is the same in all activities. 
We are not just a body or a mind.  The work done in class to change function goes deep into the inner workings of ourselves as a whole; as a moving body with spirit and intelligence.  Time and space are necessary for integration and growth. 
The primary focus is on the pelvis, the keystone of support, with attention to the four major muscle groups which support the pelvis on top of the legs- the hamstrings, external rotators, psoas group and the pelvic floor, and their integration into movement.  
From here we are grounded, connected to the ground. We push into the earth for both uprightness and movement.  We find our power.  With the pelvis on top of the legs, the upper body and spine are free to move with ease and expression.  We move from the level of the bone, the deepest and densest tissue in the body, which conducts the most energy and force (gravity).  We work on letting go of the outer muscles which  hold our bodies (and minds) in misalignment and misconception,  inhibiting our function, creativity, and well being.
The shoulder girdle, and the connections between the upper and lower body are  addressed, and broken down into their component parts.   These connections are interwoven with a deeply supportive pelvis and its upright relationship to the legs, and the floor.