OMG - this Fishbon event is really going to fall into the "Emerging Genre" category!!!

Not as much time for blogging, or updates as we had hoped.   Going to meet with the Fishbon community this week.  Great co-creative process going on!  Will send out more press releases this week and beginning to put together fundraising materials.  Had a great chat with Maya Dunsky in Israel last week.  Couldn't get our skype to work so she called us.  So good hear her voice and so interesting to chat about funding challenges in Israel.  Sounds just as difficult there if here, if not MORE so if you can imagine that.   Projects moving forwards. Stephen and I are going to begin our rehearsals to create two new works specific to the Festival in February!

Had a great meeting with Anaya on Sunday re: the Fishbon vision, artists are proofing their artist profiles & tidying things up, beginning to send out press releases announcing the artists, revising the budget to work in new information, continuing to research funding resources for international artists and facilitating their fundraising endeavors, beginning on getting our year end financials together, contacting local businesses about their interest in helping feed artists by donating food for food events, working, working, working!

Pretty nifty number, auspicious really.  Balancing our own special needs and spending time working on the SB-ADaPT Festival.  Email chatter with Julie McCleod and her mentoring, needing a new video camera, dialoging with Anaya Cullen re: Fishbon and the Festival opening, beginning to send out Press Releases announcing the artists, checking the account every few hours to stay on top of it, visioning and envisioning!  Needing to work on bookeeping/financials to prep for fundraising, curious who chooses to support the arts and who doesn't and wondering what the political ramifications would be of polling who supports them and who doesn't, like, should I actually be buying my groceries there or what?