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Master Classes: 6/18 & 6/19

You may also pay at the door, check or cash only.  Please make checks out to the Future Traditions Foundation.

Saturday 6/19/2011

9:30am - 11:30 am

Center Stage Theater
(may be moved to Fishbon)

Master Class (possible performance by Ramya afterwards)

Ramya Harishankar

Everyone Welcome!
$12 for the Community - purchase at the door

Class Description

Ramya will be offering her Bharata Natyam, the most renown of Indian dance forms is a combination of nrtta – pure dance to rhythm and melody and abhinayainterpretive dance, giving equal importance to both. In the 20th century as a part of restructuring of the form to gain social acceptance, Abhinaya was relegated to the back burner and much of the repertoire performed by the traditional dancers/devadasis was removed from performance or just re/mis interpreted. Thanks to my legendary guru Kalanidhi Narayanan, the Bharata Natyam world has awakened to this special and unique repertoire of dance compositions today. I consider myself extremely fortunate to be one of her protégés. Abhinaya is the art of communicating thru body language, limbs, gait, stance and the face, the content and imagery of word - the poem. The verbal imagery forms the foundation and the movements are the superstructure that the dancer creates. This superstructure of interpretations are created using variations, a single mood with multiple shades thereby making the style of abhinaya very multilayered and nuanced. In a session which could be called ‘acting for dancers’ we could explore how this language which I consider universal and timeless could be used to express oneself. It would be particularly relevant to modern dancers.

Sun: 6/20/2011

9:30am - 11:30 am

Center Stage Theater

Master Class

SB-ADaPT Fest artist