DramaDogs - a Theater Company

Photo by Mike Mesikep
Website: www.dramadogs.org
Company Biography:
It is the intention of DramaDogs, a Theater Company, to develop theatrical pieces, training programs, and educational outreach activities to touch the human spirit. In the art that we create, we enter into a body-centered process with the collaborating artists. The individual artists' experiences, in life and in rehearsal, are the most viable creative tool toward performance. DramaDogs crafts challenging theatrical productions and workshops that provide opportunities for actors and performers to explore and discover their own creativity through their personal experiences, discoveries and awareness.

Artist Biography:
E. Bonnie Lewis MA, believes there is a creative spirit inherent in all of us and part of our life’s journey is to find and express that spirit. Be it teaching yoga, Pilates, theatre or modern dance, E. Bonnie brings her creativity, sense of humor and passion for movement and expression to all that she does. “My greatest challenge and greatest joy as a theatre artist, dancer/choreographer and arts educator involves guiding people in their process of moving their bodies and creating their art.”
E. Bonnie has experienced a broad and varied background in the performing arts and education for over 30 years. Her love of dance led her to study, and eventually teach in the High Schools, Modern Dance and Improvisation. Theater also beckoned and E. Bonnie expanded her studies and experiences to include participation in South Coast Reps Acting Conservatory, workshops in Commedia Del Arte in Paris, France and the opportunity to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland.
In Santa Barbara, E. Bonnie has been active in the theatre and dance communities. She has been the recipient of an Artist in Residence grant from the Santa Barbara Foundation, a California Arts Council, A-I-R, grant, and an Organizational Development Grant. She has collaborated with SBCC in their recent production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and created many artistic alliances with local performing arts companies, all of which enabled E. Bonnie and DramaDogs to create and educate through theater, dance, and the performing arts.

Ken Gilbert, MA, is a Theater Artist and Somatic Educator. Ken received his MA in Dramatic Arts at U.C. Davis. During a seventeen-year hiatus from theatre, Ken pursued and developed his teaching style and capabilities. Currently with DramaDogs, a Theater Company, along with E. Bonnie Lewis, he co-founded DramaDogs in 1999, formerly Slightly Askew Players. He is a physical-based actor/director in the theater; directing and performing; having directed Joyce Carol Oates’ “I Stand Before You Naked” which received a ‘Garland’ from Backstage West citing the production as “bold, innovative theatre,” filled with “strong, compelling performances.” Ken acted, produced and co-directed “Taut Wires: three by Lanford Wilson” which garnered him an Independent Theatre Award for his performance.
Ken is known for his ingenuity in integrating material from various fields and creating dynamic presentations and sentient experiences; pursuing issues with depth and vision, he revels in the art of collaboration. Theater and teaching provide him finding new ways to understand himself and the people in his life.

Artist Statement
I have had a diverse and varied background with the performing arts. Starting as a dancer/ choreographer and moving towards acting and theater. I have, also, had the opportunity to teach the arts, dance and theater, in high school.
My joy is to integrate dance, theater, and the technique of educating.

Bon's Statement: I believe there is a creative spirit inherent in all of us and part of our life’s journey is to find and express that spirit. The challenge is to discover how to reach individuals in order to develop sentient, concrete, learning experiences. Art, and the idea of being creative, needs to move out of its mystical realm. “Being creative and creativity “ is inherent in all of us. My challenge as an artist and educator involves guiding people in their process of creating their art.

What do you hope to gain from this experience?
Being involved in a festival such as this allows us to come together and celebrate our artistry and the artistry of others. There is a sense of kindred spirit as we all embark on our artistic journeys. I savor the fact that I get to meet artists from all over the world. It is so easy to be lost in our own sphere. This type of experience is refreshing, nourishing, and invigorating.

Have you participated in Festivals before? If so, what worked and what didn't work for you? What would you like to see more or less of?
I have been in the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh - although I didn't really socialize with other organizations I took advantage of seeing as much work as possible and just loved it. Also participated in the first ADaPT Festival. It all worked for me.
Description of the Creative Work DramaDogs will be sharing with the community.
Him & Her/ Her & Him - is 2 people, 3 chairs, the passionate voice of Grace Jones singing La Vie en Rose, and the story of a relationship unfolds.