@ Fishbon

Fishbon Festival Opening Gala
6:30 pm
Film, Installation, Performance, Movement Arts, Visual Art, Butoh, Emerging Genres, Hooping

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Event Description
This Event is currently under design by Anaya Cullen, the Fishbon Community & Misa Kelly.   These individuals are working with artists from Europe, Southern California, and New York to create work specific to the venue.  The work is of a nature that asks to go beyond the conventional "frame" for the movement arts - that of a theater.  The venue also provides a place/space for other mediums inspired by dance, physical theater, and other movement arts to share their work.  It will be a setting where the "audience" controls their own experience meandering through the three level venue to take in what intrigues them the most at any given time during the event. 

Additional Participants May Be Added

Lerna Babikyan & Regina Picker: Honey & Mood Productions – Istanbul, Turkey & Vienna, Austria 
Installation & Performance

Maya Dunsky: Menifa Butoh Ensemble, Israel
Film and Butoh

South of Santa Barbara
Sam Mitchell: Oceanside, CA U.S.A.
Installation & Performance

Carol McDowell: Los Angeles, CA U.S.A.
Installation & Performance

East of Santa Barbara
Valerie Green: Dance Entropy – Long Island City, NY U.S.A.
Installation & Performance
(uses dirt – could be fun to have a whole lot of dirt)

Kristin Hatleberg: Brooklyn, NY U.S.A.
Installation & Performance

Trina Mannino – Brooklyn, NY U.S.A.

Santa Barbara
Robin Bisio, Santa Barbara, CA U.S.A.

Tonia Shimin, Santa Barbara, CA  U.S.A.

Misa Kelly: SonneBlauma Danscz Theatre – Santa Barbara, CA U.S.A.

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