Our performances will be at Center Stage Theater in Santa Barbara, CA.  Center Stage Theater is located in the Paseo Nuevo Mall which is nestled in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara.  It is an intimate black box theater that is one of the favored spaces in the community for producing contemporary dance & theater.  The management and tech support are highly professional and awesome to work with.  We sooooo love working in this space.   There are a lot of yummy eats and coffee shops within walking distance of the theater and the beachfront is only a 15 minute (more or less) walk away.   There is ample parking in the parking structure and you can park for free in the evening on the streets.

Are there any fees? 

There is a $30 non-refundable application fee.  This fee is non-refundable.

What are some of the benefits of being a festival participant?

*      Opportunity to perform in a fully produced show in a fabulous venue in front of great audiences!

*      An experienced team of producers who will take on doing all the work to produce the show so you can dig in and enjoy the process.

*      Opportunity to be challenged, grow as a creative being, be refreshed, rejuvenated and inspired!

*      Create connections that could lead to exciting performance opportunities in different venues in different parts of the country (and hopefully the world.)

*      Free master classes & ½ price tickets for you and your artists for matinee performances.

*      Complimentary Continental Breakfast.

*      Complimentary Shop Talk Reception.

*      Great press exposure!

*      Professional video documentation ($25 per DVD, $5 for postage and handling per DVD)

*      Free mentoring and feedback about your work from an exceptional panel of artists from a broad range of disciplines.

*      A chance to spend time in one of the most beautiful places on the planet.



Our vision is to provide opportunities to as many artists/companies as feasible. We are envisioning 16-18 companies or independent artists performing 16-18 works over the course of 2 days.  Additionally we will place a number of companies/artists on a wait list in event there is a cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances (such as injuries) or in event a company/artist shows up with a work that exceeds the agreed upon time parameter.



No.  We don’t think it is fair for those who work hard to get their applications in on time.  Additionally, the adjudication process will be relatively short after all applications are due.


SonneBlauma Danscz Theatre, the presenting company, will be guaranteed a slot on each program as well Kim T. Davis, co-producer of the show.  Additionally, SonneBlauma Danscz Theatre is involved with an international artist exchange.  They were hosted in Istanbul by Sinan Temizalp and he is hoping to bring his company in 2011 to perform a work.

Will you be inviting any special guest artists for the program?

There has been discussion of this, but we have not come to a decision yet.

How well known do the artists need to be to be considered for

the festival?

We will be looking at the quality of the work, not how famous you are.  If anything, the Festival is intended to provide opportunity to those with work of high integrity who are not a part of the mainstream. 

What parameters will you use to choose works?

We will be seeking to fill the programs with high quality, innovative, well crafted work.  In that we believe building community, artistic growth, meaningful dialog, and process is equally important as performing this will also be taken into consideration.  Another factor we will take into consideration is piecing works together to create balanced programs that work as an artistic whole in their juxtaposition against each other.  We seek to find that balance of ebb and flow, dynamics and theatrics to highlight what speaks to the festival as well as to each performance!

Length of works – 2:59 minute minimum – 9:59 MINUTES MAX

We have set this time frame in that we not only believe in the art of editing and that a lot can be said in a short amount of time but also because we want to make it possible for as many artists to perform as possible.   


Two works with each not exceeding 9:59 minutes.


We can’t guarantee this, but we will do our best to accommodate this request.

Will you consider a work in progress?

Yes, you may submit a current work in progress that you commit to having completed and performance ready by the time of the festival.  We request that the work be ¾ of the way complete when you turn in your submission.  We also ask that you submit a sample of a completed prior work so that we can get a good feel for the nature of your work.

Will there be a waiting list?

Yes, in that the one constant is change, we will put several artists on the waiting list and ask them to be prepared to step in should someone need to cancel their engagement due to unforeseen circumstances.



We will be contacting applicants January 3rd through January 10th 2011 via email about the status of their application.  We will also contact you via telephone. 


What if I don’t get in?

Please don’t be discouraged!  In that this is our inaugural year we are limiting the Festival to two programs over the course of one weekend.  We intend to build on this foundation in future years to provide more opportunity to more artists.  If you submit something and don’t get in next time around we’ll be all that much more familiar with your work.  Additionally, we’ll be as much of a resource to you as possible by providing information about other venues we know of to help get you work out and into the world.



The one thing we want to avoid at all costs is a show that drags on due to artists showing up with works longer than the agreed upon length. We’d rather err on the side of a shorter captivating program.  If you show up with your work being longer than what was agreed upon you’ll lose your spot in the festival. Artists on the waiting list will be immediately contacted in a group email and the first group that indicates they are ready to go will take your spot on the program.  Additionally, SonneBlauma Danscz Theatre, the sponsors of the show, will have shorter works ready to go to fill in the empty slot(s.) 


How many programs will there be?

We are envisioning two programs (Program A & Program B) comprised of 8 -10 works by 8 -10 different companies/artists.  We’ll have a better idea of programming when the adjudication process is complete.  Contingent on length of pieces submitted we may include more companies/choreographers on the program.


How many shows will there be?

Four.  Each work will be performed twice over two days.  Once in a matinee and once in an evening performance on alternating days.  E.G. Program A will perform a matinee on Saturday and an evening show on Sunday.  We are hoping to keep the Programs to 70 minutes of material for each Program.



Each choreographer will be given ½ hour to tech their work.  During your tech time we will light your work and then run it with lights and sound.   Although it is not mandatory we encourage companies to “hang out” and enjoy each other’s processes.  Plan on being in the theater and ready to go ½ hour prior to your scheduled tech time.  



We will be engaging the services of Chris Osborne, a brilliant designer from Los Angeles!


Will the event be documented?

*      Yes, local videographer Penny Little will be documenting both Programs.   She has documented all of our projects as well as many other projects in the community and does awesome work!  DVDs will be made available for $25 per DVD with $5 for postage and handling per DVD.

This includes shipping and handling.    It is also our intent to have an accomplished dance photographer at the dress rehearsals.  Details of how to obtain images will be released at a later date.


Will there be a dress rehearsal?

There will be dress rehearsals during the Friday June 17th, 2011 Artist Exchange.  Program A will perform for Program B and Program B will perform for Program A with discussions about respective processes after the performances.  Feedback will be given if an artist seeks it.


*      Theater: Standard Proscenium set-up.  Seats around 130

*      Floor: The stage floor is a "padded" wood floor similar to a "sprung" floor but more stable. The marley is laid down over that.

*      Cyc: Yes

*      Cyc Lights: Yes

*      Sound: audio CD

*      Performing Area: The performance space is 30 ft wide by 25 ft deep

*      Wings will be pulled out. There are 3 sets. 

*      DVD Projector: Eiki LC-X71 5500 ANSI Lumen XGA Video Projector (HD Compatible) – extra charge to the artist reserving the equipment.  If more than one artist uses the equipment we’ll have them split the costs.



In event you want to arrive early and rehearse your work while in town know that rehearsal space in our community is scarce and expensive.  We will help facilitate finding space for you to rehearse if this surfaces as a need for you.  Our Dance S.O.S. Center resource has information about affordable space availability & contact information in our community.  http://www.dancesoscenter.com/in-the-u-s/space-in-santa-barbara



We are going to put out the call to the community to see who is open to hosting home stays.  We’ll also draft up a resource list of affordable housing options and suggestions.   Vacation rentals are a great way to go.  We’ll provide contact information for all Festival Participants in event companies/artists want to team up and share the costs.



We’ll also make available a resource list for our favorite affordable restaurant eats!  We’ll also provide about the yummiest, most economical, and favored picnic supply grocery stores! 


BEACHES & MOUNTAINS & other activities

If you’d like we can provide directions to some of our favorite “secret spots” in event you want to extend your stay and enjoy our beautiful town!


Who is organizing this?

Festival Co-Producers:  Kim T. Davis & Misa Kelly

Festival Co-Creators:  Misa Kelly, Stephen Kelly & Kim T. Davis

Adjudication Chairperson:  Stephen Kelly

Festival Director & Coordinator:  Misa Kelly



The Future Traditions Foundation TAX ID #: 77-0486763


Who are the adjudicators & Advisors and how did you choose them?

Our choice of adjudicators & advisors was partially a “gut feel”, partially stemming from a desire to include in the mix different perspectives cultivated by artists who work in different disciplines, and partially because the following individuals are high integrity, gifted artists, passionate, great communicators, tremendous role models, and inspired mentors.


Modesto, CA

Kim T. Davis: Dance Educator – Modesto Junior College, Co-Director of MJC Resident Co. “Off~Balance”, Choreographer/Director of KTD dance, Dancer


Santa Barbara, CA

Colin Gray: Arts Educator – Santa Barbara Adult Education, Sculptor

Misa Kelly: SonneBlauma Danscz Theatre: Choreographer, Dancer, Performance Artist, Visual Artist 

 Stephen Kelly: SonneBlauma Danscz Theatre: Musician, Choreographer, Visual Artist

 Pamela Lappen:  Dance Educator – Santa Barbara City College, Choreographer

 Christopher Pilafian: Dance Educator – University of California, Santa Barbara, Choreographer, Performer, Painter, former Jennifer Muller dancer

 Albert Reid:  Retired Dance Educator, Performer, former Merce Cunningham dancer

 Matthew Tavianini: Boxtales Theatre Co., Managing Director, Actor, Co-Director, Producer, www.boxtales.org; Movement and Stage Combat Consultant


Edo Ceder - Co-creator, YelleB Dance Ensemble

 Istanbul, Turkey

Sinan Temizalp: Meditative Dance, Choreographer, Teacher

Ilkay Sevgi: Simya Arts