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The SB-ADaPT Festival provides low and moderate-income artists that attend the opportunity to perform in a fully produced show in a fabulous venue in front of great audiences.  An experienced team of volunteer producers (SonneBlauma Danscz Theatre Co-Artistic Director Misa Kelly and Kim T. Davis) are taking on the production tasks necessary to get the audiences there, make sure the tech runs smoothly & produce a stellar show.  Additionally they will organize all of the master classes and supplementary events.  Many smaller companies take on the task of self producing in addition to creating their own work.  By producing the work for them we will be able to facilitate the processes of digging in more deeply to their creative lives to enjoy the process of performance all that much more than usual.

This Festival is unique in that rather than simply providing an opportunity to perform one’s work we have placed a high value on artistic growth and building community.  We’ve built in components into the Festival that will provide the artists the opportunity to be challenged, grow as creative beings, be invigorated, rejuvenated and inspired.  These components include:

    * A free complimentary Continental Breakfast welcome.  At this mandatory event artists will have the opportunity to introduce each other and begin the process of becoming familiar with each other and each others work.

    * An entire day will be devoted to each program giving a private performance for each other.  There will be time set aside during the lunch hour to break down into smaller groups to discuss respective processes, challenges, hopes, and dreams for the future.

    * Additionally a complimentary “Shop Talk Reception” will occur after the day of private respective performances with the community invited to come out and meet the artists.  These connections hold the potential to generate exciting opportunities for artists in different parts of the country (and hopefully the world.)

    * Additional opportunities to connect include the opportunity to take advantage of the master classes that will be offered free to Festival participants.  ½ price tickets for matinee performances will also be offered to the artists.

It is our intent to make sure the event gets great press exposure and are making arrangements for the Festival performances to be professional documented by a seasoned videographer and photographer.  *    

If this isn’t enough – artists will be afforded the opportunity to make this a working Holiday!  Our town is one of the most beautiful places on the planet.  We encourage artists to arrive a day or two early or stay a day or two late to take in the sights, enjoy some hiking in our beautiful Foothills, spend some time at the beach, or head over the hills for some wine tasting.   It is our hope that artists participating in the SB-ADaPT Festival will breath in a bit of our town's beauty and breath it out again as a part of their next creative expression, taking a bit us home to share with their own communities.