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How To Get Involved


Give us a call (805) 569-0389 or send an email to sbadaptfest@yahoo.com and let us know how you'd like to be a part of this exhilarating adventure.  We're presently seeking help with the following:
  • Use your host(ess) with the mostest skills and take on the role of being our Accommodations Coordinator by helping us find places for artists to stay while participating in the festival. 
  • Use your design skills and participate in the logo design contest!
  • Be a part of our Hospitality Committee and help set up, serve, and take home the leftovers for the Continental Breakfast & the Shop Talk Reception.
  • Use your installation art skills and take on organizing the show "Sofas, Sodas, and Dance Flicks."
  • Become a part of our Public Relations team and help get the word out!  Hang fliers around town when the time comes!  Create an event on your Facebook page announcing the festival.  Forward our e-news to friends and include a personal note.  Get on the phone the week before the show and invite friends to come out for the dance/physical theater/movement event of the year!
  • Make a tax deductible contribution to help cover the costs of producing the event.  It is always the case that ticket sales never cover production costs, no matter how cost effective one is.  In calculating the cost per seat in the house in a show it works out to around $50/seat.  In making tickets affordable at $20 pop this leaves a shortfall that needs to be made up somehow!  Make checks out to the Future Traditions Foundation and send them to Misa & Stephen Kelly: 2911 La Combadura, Santa Barbara, CA  93105.
  • Donate food, tea, service items for the Continental Breakfast and the Shop Talk Reception!