Spring 2012 Update

ArtBark: Inaugural WoofLetter - guess the scent of the day & we'll email you a pic of ArtBark's garden in bloom! Your choice of city: Santa Barbara, New York, Vienna, Celje

SonneBlauma Danscz Theatre has morphed into ArtBark.  You are receiving this email because you have either received information about SonneBlauma's events in the past, have contributed as a sponsor or patron, attended one of our events, or participated as a contributing artist.  If you'd prefer to not receive information from us via email please reply with unsubscribe in the subject heading.  

THANKS for helping us keep our contact list up to date! 

Mojca, Misa & Stephen
ArtBark Co-Founders and Collaborators

Hello SB-ADaPT Fest 2011 participants, audiences, family, friends, sponsors, techies, videographers, photographers and patrons!   SonneBlauma, SB-ADaPT (A Dance and Physical Theater) Festival's inaugural Festival host and producer has changed its name to ArtBark and is embracing more co-creative and collaborative sensibilities. 

Sending along our inaugural WoofLetter

Mascots & Mission Statements
Stephen and Misa, while taking a Wednesday morning hike up a new trail found ArtBark's 
plant kingdom mascot!  A glorious, and we mean glorious Coast Live Oak round the Gaviota Coast bend.  We gave it a trial clamber, Misa barefoot, Stephen in shoes and found the texture of the bark exquisite in color and texture.  

For our animal kingdom mascot we really likes the idea of a coyote.  Sounds about right doesn't it? 

For now, the SoCal 
NuNu's own, Sophie, is kinda cute and rascally looking.  We are pleased to announce that she is standing in for our first adventure and will appear on posters and flyers plastered all over Vienna.  Vienna?  Yes, Vienna!!!! For what?  Read on...

What do you think is our choice of mascot from the water world?  Hint, it goes ark ark and can be trained to clap flippers together.  Got a pic?  We'd love for your favorite water rascal to become an ArtBark mascot.

As for mission statements - we are circling back a bit to initial nuances and in doing so going back to the larger vision. The work in progress statement goes something like this:
to spread love and light through the power of creative expression

embrace experimental and cross-genre collaborations with artists from around the world
develop creative networks while continuing on with our commitment to building community.

It is in its mooshy phase of development and we are taking time with letting the totality of the mission/vision to manifest.  One exciting bit is that we’ve shed the traditional titles such as Artistic Director and are embracing collaborative and co-creative sensibilities as artists and administrators.

Affinity Update 
In 2012 there is bridge ADaPT Festival activity happening through the project Affinity: SB-ADaPT FEST Sprouts! 

Affinity I
occurred in February with performances at ARC Pasadena and Center Stage Theater.   Awesome press, awesome attendance & awesome feedback.  We put together a slide show of a few of the many incredible photos taken by Sue Bell, Kathee Miller, and Robert Salas at rehearsals, the Santa Barbara County Courthouse and at ARC Pasadena and Center Stage Theater performances.   LINK to sure bet charge of inspiration. 

Affinity II is slated to occur October 20th in collaboration with NECTAR at Yoga Soup & and October 21st at ARC Pasadena.  We are still sorting out who all of the presenting artists will be, but we can say with 100% certainty that Dance Entropy & Trina Mannino from New York are flying out for the event and Perceptions Dance Company from San Francisco will also take part in the choreographic exchange.

For information about our bridge activity please visit Affinity I and Affinity II.

photo of ArtBark's Grit by Kathee Miller

Trailer of ArtBark February performances at Green Space Studios in Queens, New York and Center Stage Theater in Santa Barbara, CA can be found HERE

Moska's Reflections

After our performances in New York and the last evening together before Moska (Moki is Moska's nickname) departed for Slovenia and we back to Santa Barbara we took a few moments and asked her a few questions about her experiences.   Such an articulate woman!

ADaPT Fest Update

The Festival is evolving in a REALLY exciting way.

After the inaugural ADaPT Fest we thought it would be good to be open to the Festival happening in other cities/countries.

Well, guess what - we now have a “tag you are it” game going on.

Austrian artist Regina Picker, who was a 2011 SB-ADaPT Festival Participant, has been "tagged" and she is "it."  Regina has recruited the Austrian group Raw Matters to help with promoting and organizing the event!

This years Festival will occur in Vienna at Palais Kablewerks and the collaborators have titled it . . .


SB-ADaPT Fest 2011 artists participating in this years festival include:
the initiator and lead collaborator in the event Regina Picker (Austria)
ArtBark collaborators - Mojca Majcen (Slovenia), Stephen Kelly (California), Misa Kelly (California), Kevin Deelen (Holland-currently in California), and Joanna Nobbe (New York)
& Valerie Green (New York)  

Additional participants selected by Raw Matters will be announced soon!

Misa is tickled pink that her first one woman visual art show will be a part of the Festival and is very much looking forwards to installing her visual art!  Regina requested Misa create a solo for the Festival and she'll be performing a work within the installation of her life drawings.  The work will be shaped in a way that harmonizes with the spirit of Raw Matters and will draw from material Misa intends to source during Elizabeth Schwyzer's Writing Your Lives workshop in April/May.  This LINK will take you to some images of some of the drawings she'll be packing to take to Vienna, install, and dance amongst.

For more information about the Festival please visit  www.rmadaptfest.com

Image of Mojca and Misa by Sue Bell - Santa Barbara County Courthouse.

Carolyn and Megwyn (living in NY) have been carrying out skype rehearsals with Misa (living in Santa Barbara.)  The Kelly's are continuing to have skype meetings with Mojca in Slovenia moving projects forward.  One big hope is for Misa and Mojca's application the Festival of Choreographic Minatures in Serbia to be accepted and for Mojca to perform in Belgrade in May.  In the studio Stephen is hard at work preparing for the Raw Matters: ADaPT Fest Vienna event with Kevin and Cecily.  He is preparing material ahead of time and plans on traveling to Celje to work with Mojca two weeks prior to the Festival and carve out a duet for her and Kevin.   Mojca is back in Celje after a getaway weekend in Vienna - working hard going through toe shoes like crazy rehearsing for an upcoming performance.   Joanna, living in New York, will be in Santa Barbara Easter weekend and she and Misa are going to keep "Unzipped" alive and work on fleshing out some of their Guerilla Street Art ideas for Vienna, and will most likely have a photo shoot in our plant kingdom  mascot. Misa's been mostly doing cross pattern crawling and using a video camera to work on her alignment as well as improvising and gathering material for a new solo.  She'll begin working with Cecily soon - a ballet with not ballet steps is the initial spark of inspiration.  Misa's also having the time of her life in a community project put on by DANCEWorks dancing and creating with her neighbors (9 year old Sophia and her mom fresh out of law school) as a part of Brian Brooks community work.  SHAMELESS PLUG! SHOW IS THIS WEEKEND AT THE LOBERO THEATER IN SANTA BARBARA.  Brian Brooks is not to be missed!  TICKETS

In the news 


Mojca Majcen is being interviewed by two Slovenian entities about her Affinity I experience and her collaborations with ArtBark – which should be out soon.

Misa Kelly was interviewed by Cal Arts Alumni office and a short article about these happenings will appear in their Spring Alumni Newsletter.

Hot off the Press

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Affinity: SB-ADaPT Fest Sprouts
ONSTAGE: Sayonara SonneBlauma, Hello ArtBark - Co-Artistic Directors Misa and Stephen Kelly are mellowing a little, but don't expect them to retire from a life in the arts anytime soon
By Dan Kepl

"Last year, SonneBlauma Danscz Theatre co-founders Misa and Stephen Kelly, had an idea: send an email to the world, inviting dance and physical theater artists to come to Santa Barbara — at their own expense — for what was dubbed A Dance and Physical Theatre (ADaPT) Festival. Never underestimate the power of the internet, or the nearly indefatigable energy of the Kellys, nor the impression our little paradise on the Pacific has on the outside world. Last year's ADaPT Fest was huge, drawing artists from throughout the U.S. and Europe to Santa Barbara for several shows at various venues around town"

You can access the article online HERE

Santa Barbara Independent
A Review of SonneBlauma’s Final Show
S.B.-Based Company Morphing to “ArtBark”
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 Answer to scent of the day:

Joyous Spring fresh after an infrequent Santa Barbara rain.