Marcos Duran - Brooklyn, NY U.S.A.

Choreographer:  Marcos Duran
Company Biography
I am an independent choreographer at the moment. My "company" Marcos Duran and Dancers bio is included in my artist bio

Artist Biography
Marcos secretly began improvising with movement as a teenager in San Jose, California. He acquired a BFA in Dance from UC Santa Barbara in 2006, where he received a Corwin Award in Choreography, co-produced an evening length Honor's Project, and toured as a soloist in Jose Limon's Psalm and in Christopher Pilafian's Blindspot. He launched into his professional career as an internationally touring company member with Jerry Pearson's Santa Barbara Dance Theater, for which he twice returned as a guest artist. He served as a guest artist with Jean Isaac's San Diego Dance Theater, Malashock Dance, and as the videographer for Dance Monks in San Francisco. Before moving to NYC in 2008, he also had the pleasure of performing with the companies of Keith Johnson, Stephanie Nugent, Misa Kelly, Gary Masters, and presented work in Santa Barbara, San Diego and San Francisco, via invitations from the Santa Barbara Dance Alliance, Jean Issacs and Benjamin Levy respectively. NYC performances have been with Risa Jaroslow & Dancers, Christy Harris/ Bill Young, Eun Hee Lee, Daniel Charon, Faye Driscoll and Meredith Glisson among others. He has presented work at Judson Church through Movement Research, Brooklyn Rooftop Series, 14th Street Y, Jennifer Mueller's The Works Studio, WAX, Eun Hee Lee's Famoso Festival, Dixon Place, The Center for Performance Research, Santa Barbara International ADAPT Festival and Fidget Space in Philadelphia. Residing in Brooklyn, he is a 2013 Artist In Residence at The Center for Performance Research. His focus is on his own creative work as well as his career as a Pilates Teacher.  He enjoys yoga, hiking, film, writing, exploring cooking and baking, and choreographing new dance theater works.

Artist Statement
i improvise until the truth is out. memory, emotion, and the subconscious are key elements in releasing work. set material comes through stages of drafting and editing expelled release. drafting includes manipulation of emotional states and balancing the relation of the performer to movement, time, space and sound.
What do you hope to gain from this experience
I hope to make new connections with neighboring artists, as well as to expose my work to a new community of people.

Have you participated in Festivals before? If so, what worked and what didn't work for you?
What would you like to see more or less of?  Festivals: Adapt 2011 and Famoso Festival NYC 2011. Each were very different.  What I appreciated was how Adapt brought different groups and individuals into a single community. I appreciate when the work is professionally filmed and a copy is provided to the artist. Photos are also a huge plus, even if only of the dress rehearsal.  its helpful when there is a stage manager or a tech person dedicated to making sure that the artist has everything necessary to properly present their work. (for example with famoso, i personally had to crowd manage to push them out of the way to make sure i had enough room to dance, it was very awkward)

Verbal Description of the work you would like to bring
The WORK: "EXITED" Continued, Title TBD
Dancers: Randy Burd, Amy Moore, Joanna Nobbe
Work Description: Marcos premiered and performed his solo Exited in the 2011 Santa Barbara ADAPT Festival. His current task is translating this solo into a trio. Exited Continued works with deriving performance from an open channel to a divine source. Emotional extremes make their way into the dancers physical expression. Rage, vulnerability, joy, love, insanity (just to name a few) all make their way into this frenetic piece. The human performer is meant to ride a roller coaster of their own being, and of those they share the stage with.