Maya Dunsky: MENIFA Ensemble - Zichron-Yaakov, Israel

Photo: Inval Levi Yehuda

Butoh Artist's Name:
Maya Dunsky

Company’s Name:

Menifa Butoh Ensemble


Artist Statement/Philosophy/Mission Statement:

My dance works expresses an essence that is free from concrete story. They Characterized by esthetics, minimalism and with constant touch to a universal spirit, that reconnect hearts & souls of  all mankind My activity is committed to authenticity that will not correspond with what consider to be customary .    I aspire to lead the awakened and present audience into a rear worlds where they can let go of attachment & remember the true primal nature of being. 

Short Artist/Company Bio:
MAYA DUNSKY, a multidisciplinary artist, Butoh dancer, choreographer and painter paved her way in the Butoh world since 1985 as a student of the master Ohno Kazuo, the founder of Butoh. She lived, studied and created in Japan for 6 years.

Since the year of 1998 Maya gives master's classes, facilitates an on going Butoh dance workshops in Israel. She guides processes of creativity & specializes in transforming   from one's self therapy into awakening to the  path of the artist within. Maya creates and performs mainly as soloist. Part of her dance pieces are duets, ensemble works and video dance. She designs the sound tracks to   her dance works, as well as the minimalistic stage design, costumes, the art and the concept.

In 2008 she established the "MENIFA" Butoh ensemble.
As a disciple of Ohno Kazuo, Maya brings forth the authentic spirit of the Butoh .She bases her dance works on improvisation and stays loyal to this concept. The processes and results are kind of "open form" – a basic structure with its flexible content which leaves space to a surprising emotional and physical occurrence. As a creator she is in a constant willingness to stay in an unsafe area, a place that keeps freshness and revival.
In tandem to her way of life as a Butoh artist, Maya is a painter and her art works are exhibited in Israel & abroad.

She facilitates a unique painting workshops using a method she developed called "Space- Colour -Consciousness."

Her art works are found in museums & private collections in
Israel, New-York, Tokyo, Paris, Bazel and Berlin.

Describe some of your achievements over the course of the last five years:

Solo Butoh Dance – "Dream Passengers", Shaar- International Poetry Festival ,T.A
"Bow", Butoh Dance for 3 dancers ,Jerusalem
Duet Butoh , Café Tav , Jerusalem
"The Dress",An Ensamble work , Tel-Aviv
"Eye of the storm" ,Butoh Dance  Photography Exhibition, The University Art Gallery
Tel aviv University, Tel Aviv. Catalogue.
Butoh Dance in the Japanese Garden ,Carmiel
Butoh  dance " I lean upon the sea at the stern of my heart", Amir Orr Poetry Book launch
"Museum of Time", Bialeik House , Tel Aviv
Solo Butoh Dance "Driada",Shaar International Poetry Festival,"chan" Theatre Jerusalem
VDance – International Video dance Festival ,"critical Mass", Cinematheuqe ,Tel Aviv
Credited with honour & appreciation
"Aquarium", Duet, Karmiel. Dance Festival
Established "Menifa" Butoh dance ensamble .
"When the room become water", Maya Dunsky & Ensamble "Menifa" /Butoh Dance  Performance with Video art , Inbal Theatre,Tel-Aviv,supported by Mifaal Hpais.
"Puminjai", solo , Tikotin ,Japanese Art  Museum , Haifa 
"A moon between my teeth" ,Solo, launching poetry book by Amir Or, Beit Bialik museum , Tel-Aviv.
Solo Butoh dance, in  "Dreaming reality?" art exibition, Pyramida, center for contemporary art, Haifa
Work the Menifa Ensemble will Bring to the Festival
We are hoping to stream live at the Fishbon opening a live performance of the Menifa Ensemble from Israel.  Additionally, her film Critical Mass will be shown at the Fishbon Festival opening on June 15th, 2011.

Concept, directing and dance: Maya Dunsky
Photography: Rinat Kotler
Music:  Slim Westerns, Brian Eno  
Minutes:  18:27                                   
Brief description of the work:
Collage of 8 fragments that reflect
A being lives between white layers
Dreaming is her motion -
This way she breathes
Surroundings unfold and whisper