Michael Nickerson-Rossi: Nickerson-Rossi Dance – Long Beach, CA U.S.A.

Andrew Bowden

Choreographer: Michael Nickerson-Rossi

Company: Nickerson-Rossi Dance

Artist Statement/Philosophy/Mission Statement:
Dance with an accent-make a statement-or a few. This life we are given means something, that of which you are in search to discover. Past and present time is what has given me the language of dance that I desire to illimitably spread to all parts of the world. My goal as an artist, is to take the initiative in planting a community of artists within the Southern California and coexist through exchanging ideas for sophisticated dance enthusiasts.

Short Artist/Company Bio:
Michael Nickerson-Rossi is the dynamic dancer he is today due to his training in the genres of Modern Dance, Jazz, Ballet, and Hip-hop. His initial training began in Northern California under the guidance of Lori Bryhni and Kim T. Davis. Rossi’s choreography juxtaposes composition, sophistication and dynamism. His work Cause and Effect placed in the Gala at ACDFA at Cal State Long Beach in 2005. Discovering dance as the voice of individuality prompted his eagerness to pursue dance professionally. His professional experience includes Off-Balance Dance Company, Kim T. Davis Dance, SJ Dance CO, Torrance Theatre Company and Regina Klenjoski Dance Company. In 2008, Rossi founded Nickerson-Rossi Dance, where his work premiered in cities, such as San Diego, Huntington Beach, Torrance, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Tempe and Texas A&M. Victoriously, Exchange to Exist still lingers within the Southern California Dance community as a heartfelt authentication of the raw emotion that is expressed through Modern Dance. Michael holds his BA in Theatre and Dance at Cal State Dominguez Hills. This new journey with Nickerson-Rossi Dance is a fuel for ambition to further develop him as a respected artist.

Describe some of your achievements over the course of the last five years:
My recognition of becoming a choreographer began when I had moved to Southern California. It was here that I produced my first venue,"Exchange to Exist," in Downtown Los Angeles. I had invited 10 strong technical and brilliant performers to join me in my discovery of Nickerson-Rossi Dance. The gift of this was when these beautiful artists trusted me choreographically. The reward of producing the show was that it magnified me as a choreographer: Santa Ana college hired me to set a work on their students for ACDFA, Torrance Theater Company hired me as co- choreographer for the musical, "Pirates of Penzance." and lastly, El Camino College hired me as a guest artist for their annual show in the Marce theatre in the city of torrance.

What do you hope to gain from the experience of participating in this festival?
Here I hope to be further inspired and fostered by great leaders who recognize my insatiable hunger for dance. Building a stronger network for dance that carries a momentum of powerful performances that audiences are sure to be moved by.

What Michael will be bringing to the festival.

Title: Remembering the Unremembered

Number of performers:

Brief Description of the Work:

Remembering the Unremembered

Conceived from an intimate conversation with a dear friend who has brought deep integrity to this new work.  Inspired by and created solely from an experience that will forever haunt the heart and mind of a loving mother.  When one endures a challenge that can not seek the public for answers, it haunts. Does this haunt lend itself comfort with a loved one? Here lies a sacrificial lifestyle only for the one to discover and uncover...  When exactly do we humans feel true comfort? 

Where is it that we experience a deliverance of quilt, deep hearted pain, loneliness, failure, broken dreams or lost moments?  Remembering the Unremembered answers those long paused questions.  Remember those lost moments and live in them-find comfort, answers, lost love and happiness-invite them to the world of dance.  Please allow dance to uncover your non-asked questions and repair the ownership of quilt that you know quite well.  Remember yourself, remember your heart, remember your authenticity, remember me remembering you...

Dedicated to Char an Ireland.