NECTAR Collaborative, Santa Barbara, CA U.S.A.

"NECTAR IS...a professional and pre-professional level artists' forum conspiring to support healing, awareness and conscious evolution in the self, community and beyond, through the arts and education."

"NECTAR" was born out of the grieving process I began after my Aunt Barbara's suicide, in August 2007. As an homage to her life and journey, my father, David, and I, created a dance theatre piece called, "Skinny Long Legs"; using my original movement and text accompanied by his live, original, acoustic-folk music. "Skinny" honored sweet memories of her in my life and recognition of her struggle and suicide.

"Skinny" was first presented at the Santa Barbara Dance Theatre "UNPLUGGED" concert just after her passing, and again at the Santa Barbara Dance Alliance NEW WORKS concert, in January 2009. After both shows I was approached by one person after another who was moved to tears and simultaneously grateful beyond my belief. I was reminded of my calling and purpose as an artist; to share, support and help create a moment of truth and compassion within. My dear friend and mentor, Christopher Pilafian says, "we are the stewards of our gifts". As I was able to access my own healing and touch others at the same time, I recognized the "yoga" (or unity) of being a performer in community.

Representing NECTAR will be Lamara Heartwell and Timothy Tillman.  They will be performing a Contact Improvisation duet.   Their performance will be based upon the theme, "Adapt" and will be bringing in the element of being seen by the public.  Their dance will have an interactive quality in regards to their movements being affected by the environment of an "on the streets" setting.