Our Sponsors, Patrons, and Volunteers

SB-ADaPT Festival is a project of SonneBlauma Danscz Theatre's 501 (c) 3, The Future Traditions Foundation. 

Since the beginning we have operated on 100% volunteer efforts with 0% of the funds we receive applied to overhead. To the best of our knowledge, no other non-profit arts organization in our community operates in this fashion.   Over 3,000 volunteer efforts went into creating the 2011 Festival.

100% of donations for "Cut the Edge" was donated to Fishbon as was a dance surface and theater curtains.

100% of the donations from the studio showing in Venice was donated to the Electric Lodge.

100% of ticket sales that came in at Center Stage Theater was used to cover the majority of the costs associated with the theater. 

How did we financially pull it off?  We relied on the generosity of our community to make this event happen.  Volunteers carried out the workload, local businesses donated food, artists funded their own journeys, the Israeli, Turkish, and Austrian governments helped international artists with travel expenditures, and two families donated generously to the cause.

Following are the angels that made the 2011 event happen.

Countries that have opened their hearts to help fund their artists trips to the Fest - we thank you! (in order of when we received news)
General Counsel of Israel

Very special thanks to Lior Sasson of the General Counsel of Israel in Los Angeles for facilitating the process of procuring funding to be applied towards expenditures that will enable us to bring 2 Israeli artists to the Festival.   This will benefit the airlines they purchase tickets from!

Turkish Cultural Foundation
The Turkish Cultural Foundation has provided the funds necessary to pay for Lerna Babikyan's flight to the Festival. 


Austrian Consulate

The Austrian Consulate of General Los Angeles have helped to get Regina Picker of Honey & Mood Productions here
$$$$$ - Yup!  Takes Cash 
Big Bang Folks
Rudi Schulte Family Foundation
A portion of this will be used for the SB-ADaPT Festival Fishbon event (purchasing marley, paint, fabric) & a portion for studio rental fees that will enable us to create new work. You rock our world Schultes!

Terry & Mary Kelly Wohoo Madison Kellys! 100% of their contributions will go towards covering production costs associated with the Festival: the costs of renting the theater, paying technical support, printing programs, flyers, paying the videographer to document events & so on!

Nebula Princesses
Christiane Schlumberger - $200 +
Christiane has been contributing to our non-profit since the day we asked and this makes her 6th consecutive year of supporting our cause.  Christiane's funds are being used to pay for 13 hours of rehearsal space to create new work for the Festival benefiting the Montecito School of Ballet!

Shooting Star
Gerry Marr - 100 +

Allocated through our Crowdrise fund drive to help artists cover the costs of travel.

Dara Ackerman  - allocated through our Crowdrise fund drive to help artists cover the costs of travel.
Beate Ackroyd - our Crowdrise fund drive to help artists cover the costs of travel.

Yup, nothing better than gathering around an amazing spread of wholesome food and the taste of scintialling conversation. Special thanks to...

Debbie Did It Cookies 805-455-7985 (200 cookies!)

D’Angelos Bread  & Bakery

805-962-5466 (bread, bread& more bread!)


Tri-Country Produce
Bring on them bananas, apples & broccli! Huge thanks for helping to feed our artists!

Whole Foods Market

They are contributing 40 breakfast burritos for our Free Continental breakfast for Festival Artists . . . we love our patrons.
 Can you guess what Misa requested?  Thank you so much Donna for feeding so many artists (and hiring them) over the years.
 Another favorite Grocery!
  Thanks so much for the hummus n' nuts n' such.  We are so grateful!
A HUGE shout out to the Santa Barbara Dance Alliance for gifting us insurance for the event through by donating their umbrella services. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU

Huge thanks to these folks that helped to house over 20 artists: Jill Littlewood, Alan & Cindy Macy, Mark Goerner, Corinna Schmidt, , Rick & Judy, Laura Inks, B’nai Brith & Rachel Tierney

Kim T. Davis: Dance Educator – Modesto Junior College, Co-Director of MJC Resident Co. “Off~Balance”, Choreographer/Director of KTD dance, Dancer
Colin Gray: Arts Educator – Santa Barbara Adult Education, Sculptor
Ken Gilbert: Drama Dogs - Co-Founder and Co-Director with Bonnie E. Lewis
Stephen Kelly: SonneBlauma Danscz Theatre - Co Artistic Director, Future Traditions Foundation - Vice President, Musician, Choreographer, Visual Artist
Misa Kelly: SonneBlauma Danscz Theatre: Co-Artistic Director-SonneBlauma, Choreographer, Movement Artists, Visual Artist
Pamela Lappen: Dance Educator – Santa Barbara City College, Choreographer
Matthew Tavianini: Boxtales Theatre Co., Managing Director, Actor, Co-Director, Producer, Movement and Stage Combat Consultant
Erlyne Whiteman: Westmont Associate dance professor and Artistic Director of the Westmont College Windancers
Simya Sanat
Festival Advisors
Big blessings to those who produce Festivals themselves who have given us extremely wise counsel Amanda Hart – MixMatch Festival (Los Angeles), Hilary Thomas– Pasadena Dance Festival (Pasadena) Fran Spector Atkins - Monterey Dance Festival & Spector Dance Emerging Choreographer’s Showcase (Monterey), Linda Purl - Founder, California International Theatre Festival…www.citfestival.org (Los Angeles)
Edo Ceder - Co-creator, YelleB Dance Ensemble

Festival Design & Director Misa Kelly - our Fests' +1 gopher and grunt

Co-Creators Misa & Stephen Kelly, Kim T. Davis

Chair of the Adjudication Panel Stephen Kelly

Adjudicators Stephen Kelly, Gen Gilbert, Kim T. Davis, Colin Gray, Erlyne Whiteman, Pam Lappen, Matthew Tavianini, Simya SANAT

Adjudication Feedback Coordinator Kim T. Davis

Santa Barbara Advisors Stephen Kelly, Christopher Pilafian, Robin Bisio, Ken Gilbert, Erlyne Whiteman

NYC Advisors Edo Cedar, Doug Post, Michal Gamily Northern CA Advisor Kim T. Davis

International Advisor Simya SANAT

Special Thanks to our Fishbon hosts: The Fishbon Board of Directors Clay Bodine, Ron Glover, Mark Goerner, John Lawrence, Jill Littlewood, Alan Macy, Corinna Schmidt, Ethan Turpin, Jonathan Smith, Alicia St. Rose,

Documentation being such a key component to it all kudos documentation team: Penny Little & Michael White IMIJWURKS Productions (michael@imijwurks.com)