Regina Picker – Research Class
"Performing the Place"
Saturday July 27th, 2013
LOCATION: Alice Keck Park
Meet on the lawn by the duck/turtle/water lilly pond
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"Performing the Place" is a research process that Regina Picker researched and developed together with 3 other artists: Aline Mohl, Hrafnhildur Einarsdottir, Marta Sponzilli in summer of 2012 in San Luis Potosi, Mexico as part of the international encounter of Interferencias:

Regina Picker guides participants through a research session that explores ways of tapping into places within one’s body, one’s mind, one’s imagination, and memory. After collecting impressions and inputs participants will improvise and take turns witnessing each other as a means of training as well as reflecting what we experience.

The practice focuses on the outside environment as the primary source of activating & energizing the body. Observing how bodies occupy a specific place we will tap into our unique creative sensibilities to help us discover the peculiarity of a location and use this revelation and our personal perception to engage in site specific study of the space.


-Training the body focusing on the perception of its relation to specific environment and locations.

-Training to include the outside when performing in order to become a bridge in between the public and what is happening.


-Collecting information of a space/locality that will be chosen at the beginning of the practice by each participant individually or in groups (information such as: architectural - shapes and lines, material/ colors, energetically, historical, actual)

- Who uses the space and how and why, political/economical/social - etc.

-Exercises to promote full awareness of body conditions in a certain environment.-Experiencing body work outside.

-Registering physical experience and imagination.

-Translating imagination into image work that can feed a dance.

-Making a feedback session with yourself/your body focusing on: how does your body correspond to the collected material

- Where does your body as a space and container of information meet the outside space - which information matches? Which information contradicts?

Performing the place:

Improvisation in location working on the emersion of experiences made during the preparation process. Engaging in observation and exchange of information between participants.

Learning from one another other.