Photos - ADaPT Special

ArtBark International Photos from the Raw Matters ADaPT Special

Organizer Regina Picker arranged for ArtBark International to rehearse at WUK to prepare for performances at Contramass Galerie and Palais Kablewerks.  Mojca Majcen rehearsing Misa Kelly's Moki's Wedding.


ArtBark International Company Members installed Misa Kelly's visual art the day before the performance using all of the materials used to package and transport the drawings in the installation - a 6 hour process using tape and clothes pins to anchor the work to the walls.  Nina of Contramass Galerie was an incredible hostess for the event.  GREAT time chatting with her and hearing her outline her dynamic vision. 

Beautiful promotional materials created by Raw Matters and Regina Picker for the Festival.

Warming up for the guerrilla style performance art event at the Belvedere Museum.  

Also while in the Belvedere Joanna Nobbe and Misa Kelly gathered shaping from sculptures to work into their physical theater piece "Unzipped" for their Palais Kablewerks performance.  Jo didn't want to forget the shapes so we took time outside of the museum on the way back to the artists apartments to record them with a camera.

Of course we took time for slices of the world reknowned Sacher Torte!  Front, New York artists Joanna Nobbe (L) and Valerie Green (R), Middle, Mojca Majcen (Slovenia), Back, Misa and Stephen Kelly (California)

Palais Kablewerks provided free housing in their artist apartments housing the artists from the United States that participated.  This is the Kelly's pad.  The downstairs contained the bathroom, a kitchenette fully equipped so we could cook if we chose, and the upstairs a loft.  We were given use of three apartments altogether.  A FANTASTIC gift!

The first event at Palais Kablwerks was a yoga class facilitated by Regina Picker - what an awesome way to begin.

The second  event was a gathering of artists for an information exchange and artist networking session.  The point of departure for discussion was "how does your work get funded."  Fascinating! 

The ADaPT Festivals generally have food involved in that we find taking time to eat together, dialog together deepens the relationship and helps to foster mutual understanding in the arts.  Regina Picker and artists from the Raw Matters community provided the fare and there was time to eat and celebrate before, at intermission, and after performances.

The Director of Palais Kablewerks, who was well pleased with the project.

Nice to have a full house for performances!