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Contact:  SB-ADaPT Festival
                Misa Kelly
                2911 La Combadura, Santa Barbara CA, USA
                (805) 569-0389

Subject:  For Immediate Release
                SB-ADaPT Festival Announces 2011 Festival Artists

Who:       SonneBlauma Danscz Theatre
What:      Announces the Participants of its first bi-annual SB-ADaPT Festival
When:     June 15th-June 19th, 2011
Where:    Santa Barbara, CA U.S.A. @ Fishbon, Center Stage Theater & Other Venues

Who the Artists are:  Please visit this weblink to learn about these artists and what they will be bringing to the Festival.

About:    The SB-ADaPT Festival (A Dance and Physical Theater Festival) is scheduled to take place in Santa Barbara, CA June 15th-June 19th, 2011.  A first of its kind in the Santa Barbara community the Festival celebrates the power and dynamism of fostering local, regional, and international community providing artists with the unique opportunity to not only share their work but engage in discussions about the artistic process, funding challenges, opportunities in different cities, and other engaging topics.   The Festival's focus is on providing opportunity to "boutique" vintages as opposed to "major" labels and is a collaboration between the host company (SonneBlauma) and Festival Participants. 

The Festival is designed like other Festivals of this nature.  The host company undertakes the workload and financial burden of producing all of the Festival events and the artists collaborate by funding the creation of their art, travel expenditures, lodging, and do not receive pay for their performances.  It is an ideal exchange for smaller companies and lesser known artists who do not have the resources to produce work in other cities and do not have name recognition outside of their communities to draw an audience to their performance venue. 

SB-ADaPT Festival events include:
  • An opening gala event at Fishbon with artists from southern California, Istanbul, Israel, New York & Santa Barbara presenting work in experimental genres, film, visual art, installation, butoh, and performance.
  • Performances at Center Stage Theater
  • Master Classes
  • Artist Welcome: Continental Breakfast
  • Shop Talk Reception
  • Site Specific Guerilla Style Dance
SB-ADaPT Festival events include