For Immediate ReleaseCelebrating "Boutique" Vintages

SB-ADaPT Festival (A Dance and Physical Theater Festival)
A Conference that Celebrates the Movement Arts & Welcomes Emerging Genres
Misa Kelly: Festival Director
2911 La Combadura, Santa Barbara CA, USA
(805) 569-0389

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Who:  5 Countries, 30 + Artists/Companies & 23 Cities gather in Santa Barbara, CA for SonneBlauma Danscz Theatre's 1st Bi-Annual Festival. 
WhenJune 15th - June 19th, 2011

Where: Events at Fishbon's Pescadrome tri-level art center and at Center Stage Theater
About the Artists: 
What:  SonneBlauma Danscz Theatre announces the artists for its inaugural year of its international bi-annual SB-ADaPT Festival (A Dance and Physical Theater Festival) to take place June 15th-June19th, 2011.  Please visit this weblink to learn about these artists and what they will be bringing to the Festival. Or, click on the link for the individual artist/company below the about section and you will be taken directly to that artist for information about what they will be bringing to the Festival, artist statements, bios & photos.

About the Festival:
SB-ADaPT Festival events include:
  • An opening gala event at Fishbon with artists from southern California, Istanbul, Israel, New York & Santa Barbara presenting work in experimental genres, film, visual art, installation, butoh, and performance.
  • Performances at Center Stage Theater
  • Master Classes
  • Artist Welcome: Free Continental Breakfast
  • Free Shop Talk Reception
  • Site Specific Guerrilla Style Dance
The SB-ADaPT Festival (A Dance and Physical Theater Festival) is scheduled to take place in Santa Barbara, CA June 15th-June 19th, 2011. A first of its kind in the Santa Barbara community the Festival celebrates the power and dynamism of fostering local, regional, and international community providing artists with the unique opportunity to not only share their work but engage in discussions about the artistic process, funding challenges, opportunities in different cities, and other engaging topics. The Festival's focus is on providing opportunity to "boutique" vintages as opposed to "major" labels and is a collaboration between the host company (SonneBlauma) and Festival Participants.

The Festival is designed like other Festivals of this nature in the United States.

The host company undertakes the workload and financial burden of producing all of the Festival events and the artists collaborate by funding the creation of their art, travel expenditures, lodging, and do not receive pay for their performances. It is an ideal exchange for smaller companies and lesser known artists who do not have the resources to produce work in other cities and do not have name recognition outside of their communities to draw an audience to their performance venue.

Having participated in their share of Festivals of this nature SonneBlauma built upon this model and integrated a few other ideas to take it a step further.   Some elements they are including that are not typical of other Dance Festivals in the United States of this nature include:
  • Facilitating the fundraising process for artists who request help.   An example of this is finding funding for Israeli artists through the General Counsel of Israel in Los Angeles and providing sample fundraising letters to participants.
  • Helping artists find home stays with local families to help reduce the cost of lodging.
  • Collaborating with the community to make sure there are several events where the artists will be well fed!  The Isla Vista Food Co-op has generously offered to sponsor our Continental Breakfast welcome for the artists as well as our Shop Talk Reception.
  • Meet & Greet!  We will try as best we can to meet our artists at the Santa Barbara airport and get them to the places they will be staying.
  • Providing more than 15 minutes to 1/2 hour tech time.  In addition to setting lights an entire day is set aside for artists for dress rehearsals.  A Program which performs their dress rehearsal for Program B and a separate dress rehearsal where Program B performs for Program A.  The artists break down for food and the taste of engaging conversation after the dress rehearsals.
  • More performance opportunities.  While many Festivals offer a single performance the SB-ADaPT Festival will provide three.  Each group will have an opportunity to perform at the Private Artists Exchange, a matinee, and an evening performance.
International Companies
Note: Performances by our Israeli artists are free with seating available on a first come first serve basis.
Maria Soboleva: Kazan, Russia
Sinan Temizalp: Simya Arts - Istanbul, Turkey
Maya Dunsky: Menifa Butoh Ensemble, Zichron-Yaakov Israel
Maya Stren: Maya & Tomer – Tel Aviv, Israel
Igor Jelen: IGEN: Celje, Slovenia
Lerna Babikyan & Regina Picker: Honey & Mood Productions – Istanbul, Turkey & Vienna, Austria

North of Santa Barbara
Rina Van De Kamp: DOZ - Santa Ynez, CA U.S.A.
Kim T. Davis: KTDavis Dance – Riverbank, CA U.S.A.
Dudley Brooks: Run for Your Life, it’s a Dance Company! - San Francisco, CA U.S.A.
Matt Nelson: Bodysensate – Salem, OR U.S.A.

South of Santa Barbara
Noelle Andressen-Kale: Rubans Rouge Dance Company – Valley Glen, CA U.S.A.
Amanda Hart: Hart Pulse Dance Company – Los Angeles, CA U.S.A.
Michael Nickerson-Rossi: Nickerson-Rossi Dance – Long Beach, CA U.S.A.
Carmela Hermann: Los Angeles, CA U.S.A.
Christine Suarez: Santa Monica, CA U.S.A.
Carol McDowell: Los Angeles, CA U.S.A.
Sam Mitchell: Oceanside, CA U.S.A.

East of Santa Barbara
Rain Ross: Rain Ross Dance Company – Philadephia, PA U.S.A.
Kate Corby: Kate Corby & Dancers – Madison, WI U.S.A.
Jessica Taylor: DAMAGEDANCE – Brooklyn, NY U.S.A.
Danah Bella: d a n a h b e l l a DanceWorks - Pulaski, VA U.S.A.
Jenny Showalter: Treeline Dance Works – Muncie, IN U.S.A.
Valerie Green: Dance Entropy – Long Island City, NY U.S.A.
Kristin Hatleberg: Brooklyn, NY U.S.A.
Trina Mannino – Brooklyn, NY U.S.A.

Local to Santa Barbara

Matt Tavianini: Boxtales - Santa Barbara, CA U.S.A.
Misa Kelly: SonneBlauma Danscz Theatre - Santa Barbara, CA U.S.A.
Stephen Kelly: SonneBlauma Danscz Theatre - Santa Barbara, CA U.S.A.
Casey Caldwell: Ratatat Theater – Santa Barbara, CA U.S.A.
Carrie Diamond: Ballet Santa Barbara – Santa Barbara, CA U.S.A.
Robin Bisio: Santa Barbara, CA U.S.A.
Tonia Shimin: Santa Barbara, CA U.S.A.

Ramya Harishankar: Arpana Dance Company Irvine, CA U.S.A.
Rachel Thorne Germond – Chicago, IL U.S.A.
Laurie Sefton: Clairobscur Dance Company - Los Angeles, CA U.S.A.
Regina Klenjoski: Regina Klenjoski Dance - Long Beach, CA U.S.A.