Quick Info

This section provides a brief overview of the Festival Application process.  It is not a replacement for reading the information and application packet but it will provide you with enough information to give you a flavor and feel for the application process.

Have fun!

Festival Schedule

Wed. 6/15/11

Thurs. 6/16/11

Fri. 6/17/11

Sat. 6/18/11

Sun. 6/19/11

6:00 pm

Festival opening

Art Installation & Film Screening

“Sofas, Sodas, Dance Flicks & Pics.”




9:30-11:00 Complimentary Continental Breakfast, Check-In & Council Circle Style Introductions

Mandatory attendance

ALL Participants


11:00 – 9:00 Tech, Enjoy Santa Barbara & each others company.

We encourage you to hang out and get to know each other!


Artist Exchange: Program A & B Performance Exchange, Lunchtime Discussions & Shop Talk Reception

Mandatory Attendance

ALL Participants.





Master Class

Optional – FREE for performers & choreographers.


2:00 Matinee

Program A

½ price tickets Program B Participants


8:00 Evening Show Program B

Q & A



Master Class

Optional – FREE for performers & choreographers.

2:00 Matinee

Program B

½ price tickets

Program A


4:00 Festival Final Group Exchange

Mandatory Attendance ALL Participants

8:00 Evening Show Program A




*      Applications Due: October 15th, 2010.  Incomplete packets will not be considered – sorry!


*      You’ll hear back about the status of your application between January 4th and January 11th.  We’ll contact you both via email and by telephone.   Please let us know that you received our correspondence/call to ensure your space in the festival. 


*      Works are adjudicated by a passionate panel of professional artists from the fields of dance, music, visual arts, and theater.  Feedback from the adjudication panel is available upon request.


*      Works submitted should be between 2:59 minutes and 9:59 minutes.  You may submit up to two works to be performed in the Festival.  We will also consider works in progress.  If you choose to submit a work in progress please submit both a video of your work in progress and another video of an entire completed work you’ve completed in the past (no excerpts please.)


*      Production Information Form due March 15th, 2011.

      We suggest you submit this at the same time you submit your Application Packet.


*      $30 non-refundable application fee.  Production fees: $100 for one work between 2:55 and 9:59 minutes.   $200 for two works each between 2:55 and 9:59 minutes.   If your work isn’t accepted for the 2011 Festival your check will be mailed back to you. Please make checks out to our 501 (c) 3 the Future Traditions Foundation.


*      Performances and Master Classes will take place at Center Stage Theater.  It is an intimate black box theater that seats around 130.  The floor is 30ft wide x 25ft deep covered with Marley over a padded wooden floor (akin to a sprung wood floor but more stable.)


*      ½ price Matinee tickets & free Master Classes for Festival Participants.


*      Because tech time will be limited to 30 minutes, use of sets won’t be feasible.  Props must be able to moved on and off stage at a rapid clip.  Additionally, in that dancers will be on the program, use of body make-up, powders, flour, glitter, and other substances that rub off resulting in making the floor slick are not permitted.  Multi-media works are feasible if technical preparation fits within your tech slot & doesn’t impede the show’s flow with a long set-up time. 


*      You must be able to attend mandatory events to be eligible for participating in the festival. 


*      We have created a few guidelines that one must be willing to adhere to in order to participate in the Festival.  These parameters have been set to help us manifest our vision of creating a rich, rewarding, and inspiring experience for all involved in the Festival.


*      A Complete Application Packet Includes:

    • DVD containing:
      • Work(s) you are submitting for SB-ADaPT Festival consideration. 
    • CD containing:
      • Your completed Adjudicator Information Form
      • 3 high resolution dynamic & eye catching high resolution jpgs reflective of your work
    • Signed & completed in hard copy format:
      • SB-ADaPT Festival Checklist
      • SB-ADaPT Festival Guidelines Agreement Form
    • Fees & Deposits (made out to The Future Traditions Foundation)
      • Non-Refundable Application Fee:  $30
      • Production Deposit: $100 for one work between 2:55 and 9:59 minutes.   $200 for two works between 2:55 and 9:59 minutes.  


*      Send Application Packet to MISA & STEPHEN KELLY c/o SB-ADaPT Festival 2911 La Combadura Santa Barbara, CA  93105