Rina Van De Kamp: DOZ - Solvang, CA U.S.A.

Photo: Mike Mesikep

Choreographer:  Rina Van De Kamp

Website:  www.daughterofzion.net

Artist Statement/Philosophy/Mission Statement:

Daughter of Zion Aerial Dance Company is focused on multidisciplinary, project driven performances using modern dance, theater, and low-flying aerial work. In addition to performances, it is our goal to reach out to the community with unique and different movement classes.

As Artistic Director I have the final say as to how a piece looks. I treat each dancer as an individual. Showcasing their individual talent and to find out what and how movement works through them as they get into the flow of moves. Sometimes we are in the air and other times we use only the floor. We discover the movement as we go through it together. At the beginning of a piece we explore through improvisation using ideas and concepts, developing beyond the expected. This is a wonderful occurrence that brings the piece to new places. Over time choreography is then set. I prefer to work in story form, and frequently the story emerges halfway through the creative process. When using apparatus or structures we have a choice to use them as an obstacle or assistance to do something more than we could on our own. Once the choice is made, sometimes by me or more often by the dancers, a part of the story or theme is set. If new dancers are put into a specific piece that is already choreographed, then the piece will change too. All of this I find very exciting to work with! All of us in Daughter of Zion Aerial Dance Company are part of the creative process.

Short Artist/Company Bio:

Daughter of Zion Aerial Dance Company (DoZ) was formed in 2002. Our home is our own theater, Theatre D, in Santa Ynez. We create original artistic work in the air and on the ground, with text and without. Performances have been in Santa Barbara, Santa Ynez, Paros-Greece, and Guatemala, Mexico. We also teach workshops in “Movement of the Spine-Breath, Movement, Sound”; Nia™; Nia Five Stages™; Aerial Dance; Yoga; Integrating Pilates; Joint Stabilization; Theater; Choreography; Modern Dance; and Improvisation.

Describe some of your achievements over the course of the last five years:

DoZ has gone from a company of two in 2002 to seven performers this season. We work collaboratively with DramaDogs, a Theater Company. We were brought to Paros, Greece in 2007 as the first American dance company to perform on the island. Later that year we were accepted in an International Choreographers Festival-Festival de Junio, in Guatemala, Mexico in the National Theater. It was the first time aerial work had been performed in Central America. And we have performed to sold-out audiences in the Santa Ynez valley and in Santa Barbara.

 What do you hope to gain from the experience of participating in this festival?

Gloriously immersing ourselves with other artists. It’s simply too delicious and important to the creative soul.

 Have you participated in other festivals or showcases? 

Yes. Fringe Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland and The International Choreographers Showcase in Guatemala, Mexico.

 If so – what were elements you enjoyed and what areas do you think could have been improved on?

The Fringe Festival was great in all areas except one; dealing with tech. Our lighting plot wouldn’t convert over to their computer and we had to redesign the entire show. Which in turn, kept us from opening when we intended. We had to post-pone 3 nights. One of the best things was all of the other shows going on in the city that we got a chance to see as well as meet other artist from other countries. It was truly spectacular. I’ll never forget it.

The International Choreographers Showcase-Fesival de Junio, in Teatro Nacional in Guatemala, Mexico was a great experience to also meet other artists from all over the world. That was FABULOUS!!! We also got to take one another’s master classes. I enjoyed taking from the other artists. Some of the classes that I was asked to teach was off the cuff. Meaning, they asked me to do it when I got there. Not a problem, just a surprise. I would have planned the classes I taught in a different way if I had the time.

What Rina will be bringing to the Festival.

Title: Does Hate Have a Mouth
Number of performers: 2
Brief Description of the Work: Original Poetry by John Mc Donnell from his book entitled Everything is Prelude, we will be performing in January 2011. The piece envelopes the emotional content of Hate, even a twisted compassion for “hate” itself and the choice to not act from that place.