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SB-ADaPT (A Dance and Physical Theater) Festival
Celebrating the Movement Arts & Welcoming Emerging Genres!
Events occurring June 8th – June 25th
A Project of the Future Traditions Foundation & Sponsored by SonneBlauma Danscz Theatre

Hello and Happy Day Lovely Community!

Oh my goodness, this event has become a beast, but a most kindly sort of beast. When we set forth to realize the dream we had no idea that the dream had something else in mind, or else, frankly we would have said to the dream – you’re nuts, no way can we do all of that!!! With 100% volunteer efforts on a shoestring budget? The initial design was for two shows at Center Stage Theater featuring 16 companies with a private artist exchange, some social gatherings, hopefully two master classes and the notion of including dance films somewhere, somehow…

Gosh - like a wildfire really but we THINK we have it under control (or it us.)

Stay tuned to the website in that things are still continuing to evolve as we take in special requests and do our best to accommodate special wishes!


P.S.  Whoever makes it to all the events wins a trip to Maupiti (ahhh...that would be Misa & Stephen...our number one volunteers!)
Loving and Stressed Regards,
Misa on behalf of team SB-ADaPT

Program ALPHA & Program OMEGA: CALL 963-0408 or
FISHBON & other Santa Barbara Events
ELECTRIC LODGE Studio Showing: purchase at the door


Saturday & Sunday JUNE 18th & JUNE 19th: 2:00 pm and 8:00 pm both days
CENTER STAGE THEATER: Program ALPHA & Program OMEGA, Santa Barbara CA
TICKETS: CALL 963-0408 or
$19 evening, $15 matinee, $10 low dough, and if $10 is too much – volunteers get comps!
This WILL sell out, so you shouldn’t wait to get tickets and we'd recommend seeing BOTH shows.  If you are travelling to Santa Barbara from L.A. or S.F. or out of State or Country to see the show...please let Misa know...the second show is on us! (805) 569-0389.

Program Alpha Description

Program Omega Description

Saturday JUNE 18th: 4:30 pm
PASEO NUEVO MALL - in the amphitheater: Dance in Open Spaces
Our intent for the Festival was to be open to the requests of visiting artists as well as the community to integrate their ideas.  Lamara Heartwell wanted an outdoor component so here we are!  A GREAT mix of genre's of movement art not represented at the Center Stage or Fishbon places & spaces:  Fusion Dance Company (hip hop), Got Country? (a wild blend of contemporary dance and line dancing by master choreographer Marilyn Romeo), NECTAR Collaborative (contact improvisation), Hip Brazil by Vanessa Issac (brazilian dance) & Jatila and Dzhamala! Ensemble (middle eastern dance and music followed by a free lesson by one of Santa Barbara's most beloved ethnic dancers (and phsycist!)
- Jatila.

Sunday JUNE 19th: 8:45 am
EAST BEACH - Santa Barbara, CA
Hitting the tides right, and you are welcome to join in!  Christine Suarez from Santa Monica is remounting her "Beach Dance" to be celebrated Guerrilla Style.  Everyone and anyone who wants to spends an hour learning the phrase by the volleyball courts and then do it to it along the beautiful Santa Barbara seashore!  There is a cafe close to where the event begins and you better believe Misa will be there early for waffles (note the "s" in the waffle word) and java!

Saturday JUNE 25th: 7:00 pm

ELECTRIC LODGE, Studio Showing: Venice Beach CA
 $10 - all proceeds benefit the Electric Lodge
We’ve arranged our FAVORITE STYLE of sharing work – in an intimate studio showing at the Electric Lodge.  Simya Sanat from Istanbul, IGEN from Slovenia, Rubans Rouge Dance, SonneBlauma Danscz Theatre and L.A. choreographer Melanie A. King will be sharing work.   We are putting the word out for other L.A. choreographers to submit work. We've space for another 15 or 20 minutes of choreography.  We figured, since our international artists are flying half way around the world that we'd make every effort to grantt their wish to share their work with the L.A. community.


Thursday June 16th: 7:00 pm
10 spaces @ $50 a space for the guided tour where you are guaranteed to see each element of performance
Other spaces are by donation (limited to 20).  All proceeds go directly into Fishbon's pocket!
Artists from New York, Austria, Turkey, Southern California and Santa Barbara gather to create an exciting "Emerging Genre" installation.  We won't know EXACTLY how things will unfold until all of the artists arrive and are in residence.  Elements include film, installation, poetry, aerial art, visual art, dance, music and theater!  Can't wait! Sojourner Kincaide Rolle installed as the poet in residence reciting poetry one one on one, the shop space converted into an installation space lined with sod glorious sod.  Requisite of participation is getting barefoot and grounding into the goodness of green!


Wednesday June 8th: 8:00 pm - come at 7:00pm for a potluck!
FISHBON - Honey & Mood Productions - the collaborative process.  What do you do when one company member lives in one country and the other in another? How do you make it work?
FREE - donations welcome - proceeds benefit Fishbon!

One artist is from Istanbul, the other Vienna & somehow the long distance artistic process is thriving!  Come and learn about Regina Picker and Lerna Babikyan's process and enjoy a showing of their work in progress.  They are arriving June 1st to be in residence at Fishbon and will create something specific for the space.
 Standing ovation to the Turkish Cultural Foundation for purchasing Lerna's flight here from Istanbul and also to the Israeli Consulate for helping purchase Maya & Tomers!

Wednesday June 22nd: 8:00 pm - come at 7:00 for a potluck! We may schedule a second session of this because it is too good to be missed! 

FISHBON - Performing Opportunities in Europe and Simya Sanat presents on Meditative Dance
FREE - donations welcome

Like we said - this Fest keeps growing and morphing as 9th hour funding comes in for artists who weren't sure they would be able to make it while others have had unexpected challenges get in the way of their attending.  One of the things that is emerging are a series of presentations by Simya Sanat. We know for sure ONE of these will be at Fishbon, and we may include one at the Shop Talk reception.  We are sorting out the details.

Here is what we DO know will be shared with the community. ONE: Ilkay Sevgi and Derya Yuksek will present a lecture on the following: Performing Arts in Turkey and Networking throughout Europe: Infrastructure for Partnerships and Joint Projects between Turkey, EU and USA. TWO: the Simya Sanat Dance company from Istanbul will present about an incredible process called  Meditative Dance which incorporates Sufism philosophy into a movement process that focuses on body-mind balancing through an East and West synthesis.  We are hoping to arrange for Sinan to teach a master class as well!


Full Descriptions HERE

SUNDAY June 12th 3:45 pm

Kristin Hatleberg from Brooklyn, NY will be presenting a travelling workshop that starts at Alice Keck Park by the turtle pond. Active Listening through use of drawing with the limbs and movement.
INFO about Kristin

SATURDAY June 18th 9:30 am @ Center Stage Theater

Ramya Harishankar from Irvine, CA. Master class in Bharata Natyam
INFO about Ramya

SUNDAY June 19th 9:30 am @ Center Stage Theater

Dudley Brooks from San Francisco, CA. Master class in clowning for dancers, non-dancers. Dudley has studied with famous clowns such as Bill Irwin, Avner Eisenberg, Diane Wasnak, and the San Francisco School of Circus Arts.

INFO about Dudley

TUESDAY June 21st 6:45 sign-in @ Montecito School of Ballet

Simya Sanat is will teach a master class in Meditative Dance.  There is another venue interested in hosting the class - so we'll keep you posted on this one!


To learn about Meditative Dance read here!