SB-ADaPT Fest: Week One!

CALENDAR OF ALL EVENTS with details about each event

Week One:  SB-ADaPT (A Dance and Physical Theater) Festival

EVENT ONE: Fishbon Event Lab: Honey & Mood Productions
101 S. Quarantina / Santa Barbara, CA
Directions: CLICK HERE 

EVENT TWO: Dance Tribe Intentional
2285 Las Positas Road / Santa Barbara, CA
Directions: CLICK HERE

EVENT THREE: MASTER CLASS SERIES: Kristin Hatleberg (NYC artist) - drawing with the limbs and dancing
Alice Keck Memorial Park/ Santa Barbara, CA
Directions: CLICK HERE

EVENT ONE:  WEDNESDAY JUNE 8th 7:00 pm - the Pescadrome

Regina lives in Vienna & Lerna lives in Istanbul - they have this thriving long distance artistic do you make it work? Skyping in will be Kristen Hatleberg from NYC who will be co-inhabiting and co-creating in the "main room" space at Fishbon for "Cut the Edge" - an emerging genre performance installation. 

Where: The Infamous Pescadrome!  Fishbon's oasis in the industrial zone - 101 S. Quarantina, Santa Barbara, CA U.SA.

What time:  7:00 pm potluck and we get underway after we've imbibed and chowed down a bit

Lerna & Regina arrived Tuesday May 31st, got settled into Jill Littlewoods' pad and they were out and about June 1st.   Miraculous!  What AMAZING human beings and inspired artists.  Experiences you don't want to talk about because somehow, speech would rob it of its magic.   If the 2,000 + volunteer hours were all to make it possible for them to come to our city...well, that would be enough! 

If you miss the intimacy of getting to interact and engage with them at Fishbon's Wednesday June 8th Event Lab - gosh - if you heard about it'd really be kicking yourself in the shins.

So come on out - and also mark your calendars for an event we've added - June 20th - Sofas, dance flicks & pics, Fishbon @ 7:00 pm.

Oh... and if you happen to be approached by two attractive women with a video camera asking for your view on what reality is... stop and engage - you'll be happy to meet Lerna (from Istanbul) and Regina (from Vienna) of Honey and Mood Productions doing research for the work they are creating specifically for the Festival.

Other events...
EVENT TWO: Dance Tribe Intentional 
Sunday June 12th, 11:00 am at the Towbes Dance Center

MATER CLASS SERIES:  Kristin Hatleberg- drawing with the limbs and dancing Sunday June 12th, 3:45 pm - begins at Alice Keck Park