1/20/11 - Misa's first visit with Fishbon community

I went to be more fully in the space last night and was able to connect with Clay, Alan, and a few others in the Fishbon community. Unfortunately, pics and video at this point don’t adequately convey the potential of the space so I’m not going to send them yet.

I think for sure those from out of town ought plan arriving early to work in the space and get a feel for it. I didn’t have a chance to talk to Alan specifically about this, but in inquiring about getting in the space to begin clearing things out it sounds as if someone could come to open up the space so you can be left to work in it. It seems as if what will emerge is the creation of an environment where different expressions will co-exist in time. Sam, I’d suggest you and Judy make a trip up to the area and arrange a visit to see the space in that you might find a place you’d like to create specifically for. Carol, I think it would be good for you to do so as well.

I think, after last night being in the space and dialoging in the community this is the “Emerging Genre” potential of the title of the Festival. SB-ADaPT (A Dance and Physical Theater) Festival. Celebrating the Movement Arts! Welcoming Emerging Genres. This might be a good intention for those working. I know when you set an intention it really influences the creative flow.

The possibilities are AMAZING with regard to integrating technology with your vision. Clay and Alan are the point people for this & suggested setting up time to Skype – or dialog. The sooner I think, the better. I will send out a group email specifically for this to help you establish connection with each other.

Fishbon’s next focus is going to begin clearing out the space. The main room where performances will occur is the space within the community where sculpture/visual art co-exists with the performance space. How much space is open ebbs and flows with the project. For the project I’ll make sure the space is clear for performance. There is a white wall that visuals can be projected on. The way that it is set up – the space performed in wall to wall length wise is around 18 ft. and it is about 20 ft. deep.

One of the artists in the community, Ethan Turpin, mentioned an idea for a project that would occur outside of Fishbon that was something I thought of with regard to shaping the evening. The option of a guided tour of sorts where attendees would have a schedule of what events would be happening at what time in the building and would be led to “witness/engage as audience/interact” at the different stations. Ethan is going to do an event lab where he is going to project film/images sounds like all over the building. He may emerge as the individual who chooses to contribute to the event in this way – which means the film would be integrated in this vision.

In that some will be bringing performance to the space I think we ought consider how to shape this. I had the idea, for the main room where performances will happen that a curtain be put up to divide the space from the aerial room. For performers that want to contain the environment and make it more intimate the curtain could be closed and attendees asked to wait until the performance is over prior to entering the space. For performers that want to have an element of the spectators/audience being free to come and go, then the curtain could be left open.

In that for some, having an audience/witness is a vital part of performance I think it might be a good idea to have a group of individuals from the community (either artists in town for the Festival, or members of the community) that agree to serve as the audience/witness and be present in different places with the intention of being specifically that so during the course of the evening whoever is performing, if the performer chooses, there will be collaborators as an audience present to give full focus to the event. Artists could sign up and indicate, yes, I’d like to “order” an audience so to speak, or leave it up to the flow of the evening whether someone is present to give it full focus. I talked with Alan about the possibility of having the performances/events recorded live and made available on the internet for viewing. He indicated this would be a possibility.

Lamara/Matt – in looking at the space, I don’t think setting up outside will work – we should make a visit together so you can check it out. I didn’t have a chance to talk to Alan/Clay about it. We can look inside and see if the upstairs space would be big enough for your work, and figure out if there is time to fit it in with others already on the program.

The plan is to clear out this space with the weekend of February 12/13 set aside to move items out. If you want to create an installation in the space I would suggest arriving early enough to construct something that will temporarily hide some of the shop items that will need to stay – either walls from fabric, or paneling of some sort. I had an image of Japanese panels that could be interesting. You’ll of course, have to fund creating the environment yourself. Anything put up, of course, needs to go away after the event.

FIRST FLOOR: “Stairs that go nowhere”
There is an intriguing set of stairs that go down to a landing, and the way it sets up it looks like a mini stage of sorts. The space is probably only 5’ X 5’ but would be ideal for

SECOND FLOOR: “Cubby Hole w/couches – table”
There is an amazing spot that would be great to create specifically here…

Clay and Alan are going to talk to someone within the local aerial community and revisit a project that incorporates technology, projects and aerial work – sounds really radical! Clay/Alan – I think for this it might be a good idea to temporarily shift the wine bar to make more space? Perhaps drinks could be moved upstairs to the lounge? This would also be a good place to contain the work that uses dirt (easily set up and contained and removed)

FILM: “documentation”
I think this would be an amazing opportunity for a film maker to create something out of this evening.

It sounds as if this space might be undergoing some changes in the future. I think given all of the information I’ve taken in from everyone this space might be best designated for people to gather/chat – perhaps be able to view what is going on in different parts of the building here via some sort of technology.