PROJECT INTENTION - point of departure for further development. 

The event is the “energetic/soulful/spiritual/emerging genre” opening for SonneBlauma Danscz Theatre’s 1st international SB-ADaPT Festival & is a co-creative collaborative process with the Fishbon community and Festival participants.

 It is intended to create the energetic field that will serve as a catalyst for positive social change through creative expression. 

It is an invitation to enjoy play time in the realm of myth, metaphor, archetypes, dreams, potential, void, or stark intellectualism in the interest of fostering a setting to birth an emerging genre. 

Its artistic intent is experimental working with the key term being "emerging genre"

Its soul intent is to expand consciousness in the direction that will take humanity towards a more harmonious existence with all expressions of life.   

 Its social intent is to build community – local, national, and international amongst  artists and those that complete the vision as spectators/witnesses/audiences.

 Its spiritual intent is to provide opportunity for the witness/spectator/audience to be moved in lasting ways with the potential for those engaged to experience catharsis, alchemical changes, shamanic release through creative expression.