Vanessa Agle Issac: Hip Brazil - Santa Barbara, CA U.S.A.

Choreographer: Vanessa Agle Issac
Website: Hip Brazil
Biography: Vanessa is the co-producer and co-director of Hip Brazil, a music and dance performance group, as well as a dance instructor, dancer, actress and singer. She first studied dance with the renowned Quasar Company in Brazil and went on to study many styles of dance including brazilian popular dances, hip hop, west african , afro-brazilian, capoeira. She has performed for sold out venues and has been creating a loyal following over the years throughout the United States and southern California, where she currently resides.

Vanessa has also been a guest teacher at the University of Southern California, and have received community grants from the city of Santa Barbara to teach Brazilian dance to low-income children. Further her company has produced a number of internationally successful Brazilian Dance Workout Videos.

What Vanessa is bringing to the Festival: Vanessa will be gracing our community with her presence along with her company Hip Brazil at the Paseo Nuevo Mall in their Amphitheater.  We aren't EXACTLY sure what her company will be performing yet but there is one guarantee... it will be an experience you will never, never, never forget!