Which Program Am I on?

PROGRAM ORSON – Thursday May 30th, 2013 


Due to the large number of wonderful applicants, and seeking to offer opportunity to as many artists as we can, we are making a special request that you aim for shaping your expressions between 6-8 1/2 minutes. 9 minutes max. 
     Barbara Mahler (NY)
    Collaboration: Mojca Majcen (Slovenia), Michael Green (Slovenia)
    and Valerie Green   (NY)
    ArtBark International (West Coast/East Coast)
    Trina Mannino (NY)
    Anri Nakano (NY)
    The Raving Jaynes (NY)
    Emily Berry - B3W (NY)
    (Alex)andra Taylor Dance (NY)
    Rubans Rouge Dance Company (SoCal)
    Hart Pulse Dance Company (SoCal)
    Movement Theater CoLab(SoCal)
    Marcos Duran (NY)
12:00-1:00 installation set up
1:00 pm artist gathering – walk through show in program order
2:00-6:00 run through/tech in program order
7:30 pm Performances beginning with performance installation

PROGRAM JULES FRIDAY July 26th, Center Stage Theater
Preshow - Marilyn Romeo - tech Wednesday 8/24 - time TBA
Friday Program Jules
Pre-Show Marilyn Romeo
Got Country?
ArtBark International
Barbara Mahler
Raving Jaynes
Anri Nakano
Milka Kresclekovska and Tamara Sy
Cybil Gilbertson
Movement Theater CoLab (group work)
Rubans Rouge Dance Company (TBD)
Pony Box Dance Theatre
Beth Megill and Dancers (group work)

PROGRAM ARTHUR Saturday July 27th, Center Stage Theater
Pre-Show – Derrick Curtis
AtBark International
Valerie Huston
Milka Kresclekovska and Tamara Sy
Jessica Kondrath |the movement
Hart Pulse Dance Company
Nancy Evans Dance Theater – Jenn Logan’s choreography
The Union Project Dance Company
No Strings Attached Dance Company – Lissa ResnickDerrick Curtis -tech Wednesday 8/24 - time TBA
Others TBA by March 15th

PROGRAM RAY Sunday July 28th, ARC Pasadena
Pre-Show – Marilyn Romeo
The Raving Jaynes
Anri Nakano
Nancy Evans Dance Theater – Nancy Evans Doede’s choreography
ArtBark International
No Strings Attached Dance Company – Lissa Resnick
Beth Megill and Dancers
The Union Project Dance Company
Rubans Rouge Dance Company
Movement Theater CoLab
Hart Pulse Dance Company

12:00-12:30 Opening Circle - All artists MUST be present
12:30-1:30 we will walk through the show in program order - test sound
1:30-4:00 we will run the show in program order
4:00 house opens
4:30 pre-show
5:00 show

Fishbon Cut the Edge II: August 2nd, 3rd
Participating Artists
Fishbon Community
ArtBark International
Emily Berry & collaborators TBA
Regina Picker & Jill Littlewood
Carrie Diamond - pencilled in
Drama Dogs - pencilled in
Theater Z - pencilled in
Others TBA

Date when artists can begin to create TBA
August 1st - dress rehearsal in the evening - 6:30 pm
August 2nd - 7:00 call 8:00 performance
August 3rd - 7:00 call 8:00 performance
August 4th - Artist strike space